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Total reviews rating 3.4

24 Reviews for Sung Shim Moving NYC, NJ, Long Island Movers 2023:

Review №1


Move went quickly but they damaged several furnitures. Why would you grab furnitures by the leg when lifting them and not the base? All in total I have about $2500 in damages but have been using the furnitures even though it’s damaged. I used Sung Shim twice so far but will no longer. Stay away from this company as they don’t care about your valuable items and rather finish the job quick and get paid.

Review №2


Stay away from this service. Movers tried to force my $4,000 mattress up to 2nd floor against handrail and left a huge hole. None of them apologized for it. I reached out to the owner of the business and instead of apologizing, he rather brushed it off and started negotiating with me for the price of the mattress, saying that used mattress only costs $500 (I planned to use the mattress for lifetime and is no longer in production, so the mattress is priceless to me). There were many times the owner raised his voice during the phone conversation and agreed to pay me back less than half the actual mattress cost (the mattress costs $4199 dollars and if I include delivery fee and tax, it cost way more). Movers also left trashes inside boxes (including leftover tapes and empty can of red bull that they drank during work) and I also caught them trying to steal my cardboard boxes and styrofoam (not theirs) in a garage without asking me. If you do not want to go through this, avoid this service at all cost.Answer to owner’s response:Thank you for responding to my review. None of my review is misleading and I am only writing down what happened. I was not informed at all about the fact that mattress size was bigger than the stair width. All I saw was the workers forcing the mattress up the staircase without letting me know. I said the mattress itself costs more than $4,000 and including the tax and delivery, it costs way more, and I used the mattress only 4 years (not more than 4 years) multiple times, but he did not listen to me at all about what I said, but he rather tried to negotiate with me by saying used mattress costs $500.People who were caught stealing my styrofoam and cardboard boxes were actually 2 original movers (not the 3 new movers you mentioned about). When I went to my garage to close my garage door after the work was done, the big, tall worker was still in my garage, holding my styrofoam and looked at me then asked, “Can I take this?” when he was caught. And then the other shorter, worker came into my garage, started looking through my stack of cardboard boxes and pointed at one of them and said “oh, that looks nice”. Why would the tall worker ask me for permission to take the styrofoam if he mistakenly thought it was theirs? And why would the other worker start looking at my stack of cardboard boxes and say “that looks nice” if he mistakenly thought it was theirs?Also, I found this trash, including used leftover tapes and empty can of red bull inside packaged boxes that are sealed with tape. Packing was done by 2 original movers in the morning and the 3 new movers, who joined later in the afternoon, were not involved in packing at all. How can the 3 new movers who did not do packing “mistakenly” throw away garbage inside packaged boxes that are completely sealed with tape? I saw the big, tall mover drinking cans of red bull in the morning and I never drank red bull in my life.

Review №3


I have used Sung Shim Enterprises as a mover for the past 12 years. They have moved me from four different apartments. They are ultra reliable, fast, and affordable. Very very experienced and I felt safe around them. I found them from my mother-in-law, who used them to move valuable artworks to art fair at the Park Slope Armory as well as to move a 4 bedroom house. Ive never had anything broken. They were able to take apart my bed and put it back together very quickly. They dont demand tips like Ive heard some movers do, but I tip them extremely well because they deserve it!

Review №4


We used Sung Shim for our move. The webpage was easy to use, and they came before the move to give us an estimate that was very affordable. On the day of the move, they were on time. We had a few items that we had not completely finished packing and they went out of their way and helped packed the last items. We moved into a coop and they provided the necessary paperwork. We have recommended them to others and we plan to use them if we were to move again.

Review №5


DON’T USE THIS MOVING COMPANY PLEASE, original moving time was 3:30pm, at 3:00pm they changed to 5:30… I call again at 6:00 and they tell me 30 minutes, I just got a call at 6:20 telling me to wait another hour and offered to move my property tomorrow after already wasting 3 hours of my time. The owner offered to take of $50 of the $550 fee of moving a queen size bed, sofa and two tables, this place does terrible business, please do not support this company who values their own personal time more than their clients time.

Review №6


I worked with Mr Oh since 2007 and used him 3 times myself and my immediate family used him 7 times. I would take the Blame if anything happens, if any negative moving experience would occur, but i usually got the compliments and the shout outs about these awesome movers.Alot of there customers dont speak english, but if they did, they probably would write alot of Good Reviews. These guys are fast Strong workers that gives awesome prices.Nj resident.

Review №7


If you care about your furnitures please look elsewhere. This place might be tad cheaper than other companies but movers scotch taped over all leather furnitures that destroyed surfaces. Furthermore, receptionist woman yelled at me when I complained poor service in a very emotional outbreak, IMO not acceptable behavior especially for service providing company. Please do you a favor to find other movers.

Review №8


Amazing movers. Super nice, super helpful. Seriously was one of the fastest movers Ive ever seen. I had a bunch of small things that I didnt expect them to move as I thought it would be a hassle but they insisted they were here to do a job and wanted to help as much as possible. Made the entire move painless as possible.

Review №9


The best. They were very quick and efficient!

Review №10


These incredibly sexist movers just picked up my familys piano and completely damaged it on the way to my friends house only a few miles away. The movers robert martinez and nilton aymar--do NOT use them. They were talking about me as if i werent there, they flashed a light on the piano and said there are scratches, threw ONE blanket on top. I assumed they would pad it for the truck and instead she saw them unload with the SAME ONE BLANKET. The sides of the piano are completely destroyed. When I called to complain, Mr. Oh talked over me the entire time, when I cursed he then began to try to lecture me in Korean and then hung up. DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS AND REPORT THEM ON BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

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