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Phone: +1 716-833-8332
Site: https://locations.tacobell.com/n...
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–1AM
  • Tuesday:7AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:7AM–1AM
  • Thursday:7AM–1AM
  • Friday:7AM–1AM
  • Saturday:7AM–1AM
  • Sunday:7AM–1AM
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Total reviews rating 3.4

199 Reviews for Taco Bell 2023:

Review №1


So let me start off with how much thought they put into packaging my meal. On top of most of the order missing including the drinks. Not to mention the placement of the items into the bag. As well they choose to ignore the phones. Corporate needs to clean house with this location as this is nothing new. It seems like people are spending to much time smoking rather than doing there job. Id expect a small order mess up during busy hours but not at 9 at night.

Review №2


I have always enjoyed this particular location of Taco Bell. I have a youngster, who always likes things very particular way. The workers here have always been kind enough to accommodate me with these special requests. Which is truly remarkable for a fast food place. As most fast food places just throw the stuff in the bag, dont even care if its the right stuff, then throw the bag at you. Still wish Taco Bell would bring back the verde...

Review №3


They messed up my order so bad. Yesterday I ordered a chalupa cravings box and nachos bellgrande combo, I got one crispy taco and one cheesy burrito with seasoned beef and two soft tacos with soggy lettuce, tomatoes and some cheese; To top everything off, I was also missing my two drinks. Feels like they are just throwing random items in a sealed bag during peak hours to keep the line smooth.

Review №4


Worse employee behavior you will experience here. Every time I order here it’s 20-30 minute each.No idea who is the manager here unreal. I hope they change management and fix all the issues.

Review №5


DO NOT DOOR DASH ORDER FROM THIS PLACE. Youre looking at over an hour wait just for your order to be made. And then if youre lucky. MAYBE your dasher will deliver your cold food after they had to wait 40min to pick it up. This happened three times in a row. Each time coming from this location!!!!! Also this location will cancel your order with no explanation at any time of the day!!! Then if you wait 5min and place another order. They will finally fill it. Even though 5min before hand. They cancelled. Absolute trash of a restaurant. Elmwood location is farther but much better

Review №6


Some nice people work there. However, the place went down the hill. You place mobile order, select drive-through, at the speaker they say that all mobile orders have to be picked up inside. Drive-through inside!? You cant pull back and you have cars in front of you. You waste your time and gas to hear at the window that they dont actually have what you ordered and you have to cancel the order. If you will manage to go through this and still get food - you are going to play a food lottery. It is either they forgot to include something or it is just a wrong order. If you are lucky - you might get what you actually ordered. It is extremely infuriating if you have vegan friends. Speaking of friends - they have a weird rule that limits mobile orders into two per car. So, if you have 3-4 people in your car, who want to pay separately or use their rewards - just go elsewhere.

Review №7


Food is always awesome but they are EXTREMELY short staffed!! I literally waited in the drive through line for 35 minutes before able to place my order. Once my order was in I did get my food fast, but they could make so much more money if they had more help and Im sure other people did not wait. Line inside was just as bad.

Review №8


Ordered a #1 and 2 beef tacos with no lettuce. Received the #1 and 1 taco with lettuce and tomato. Waited another 15 in line to get the correct order. The tacos from the #1 were extremely greasy and I could not even eat them. Would like a reply and a refund from the manager.

Review №9


Absolutely terrible place to have Tacos. No problem at all with staff, All negative points for the owner and management.No sauces, spoons, forks, tissue paper etc. Missing lots of food ingredients to put in food items. No letus, Mexican pizza. Almost half of items were not available.when I asked why, staff told me, they ran out of budget so they stopped ordering all the stuff above. Seriously?But they didnt charge me less. I paid full amount but they gave me less worth. I threw my half food as there is no fun without sauces or other ingredients should be there in my food.This place should be closed for business.

Review №10


I have been here over a 20 times. Over the last two years it is really gone down hill. Orders are routinely mistaken, like missing food (chips, or cheese, or some burrito or whatever) or wrong food. They are slow. Their drive thru menu is consistently broken. Their app doesnt work, like saying it is about to close when they are open for the next 7 hours. More than once their fount drink have been out or limited to a couple options. They dont even have simple support from their manager, like having stickers or markers to distinguish special orders. They clearly dont care about quality. The manager needs to be fired or the owner should just shut it down. They disappoint so consistently I am at a loss. Where do I go for Taco Bell? Out of state?

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