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Phone: +1 518-782-0348
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for Target 2023:

Review №1


It’s a Target. Stock is usually low or out when I check online for all sorts of items. 4 stars because at Self Checkout, it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to double scan an item (and you need an associate to come over to fix it…IF you catch it). I’ve had this happen to me three times here, NEVER anywhere else.

Review №2


Kyle and James both were very helpful to me today when I bought a new TV. They were both very personable and knowledgeable and their level of customer service far exceeded my expectations. They made me a loyal customer today!

Review №3


The store is very clean and sanitary. They are following all guidelines set in place. The customer service is excellent and there is great product selection with fully stocked shelves.

Review №4


Empty lines but we got stuck behind someone paying buy personal check, I didnt even know ppl still did that.Otherwise its a target. Thou better layout and stocked better than those in the city.

Review №5


I went to Target this morning and took a glance at the Christmas leftovers, found an ornament, didnt see anything else I wanted or needed this time. Went to the self checkout with my .97 purchase (w tax), went to pay cash. Not allowed, you cannot use actual cash in these machines. She told to me to use my card, no apology for the inconvenience. BTW, there is no signage indicating their no cash policy in self checkout. Went to a cashier who insisted she needed my # to proceed. Thankfully there was a skip option, but, still. When did Target become so anti customer?

Review №6


I usually go there for the barest of essentials...(Farm Market??)mini bagels, Philly cream cheese if they have it, raspberries, and whatever chocolates that I like. (They now carry my Oregon Chai!!! Yay!!!) Target used to have some of the smaller sized Sterilite storage boxes that I really liked...but not anymore!!! (They seem to have discontinued them, hence the three stars.) But Ill still shop there. Its close enough to work, and their selection is pretty good...for now.

Review №7


Good to know youre involved in an Apple sponsorship, and then take all of the Android related products including chargers, which many other devices use, off of your shelves. Wasted my time going there to grab a cable to charge a headset.

Review №8


I hate to be a Karen but this has happened twice where I go to Target at this location, pick something of the shelf where it has one price & you go to the register & it’s a completely different price. I don’t understand how you place a bunch of the same items in one place & the price sticker matches the item, then you go to the register & it’s a completely different price. Inflation is happening but make sure your price stickers reflect that. The whole store needs a price update on almost all their items

Review №9


Great customer service! Went shopping with my son and left an item (silly Halloween item but still) by accident. Came back an hour later with the receipt and they had put the item in the back labeled what register and time it was left. Friendly young man at customer service, thanks Target 🎯

Review №10


Instead of honoring coupons on their target circle app the customer service rep at check out told me that the app has its moments when it glitches & doesn’t work properly. I asked if he could take the coupons off by entering it on the screen and he said no. Not a very good experience when I was simply trying to save a few dollars.What happened to the days when making the customer happy was a priority. 😔

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