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Phone: +1 516-758-3376
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 3.3

26 Reviews for Target 2023:

Review №1


I was in Target on Sunday evening on, January 30,22.When, Target security accused me of stealing, she stopped me as I was proceeding to the exit to get my wallet from the car “Ms. you can not leave the store with unpaid merchandise.” She repeated herself @ least 4 times. I opened up my bag which was a Target bag filled with $40 worth of Starbucks cakes I purchased from inside of Target store prior to shopping inside of Target. She started laughing after accusing me of stealing😡. In the moment of being accused of stealing and profiled, I felt a rush of emotions ranging from shock, being violated, humiliated, confused, disrespected and as well a mockery of being a black woman. When she responded “Look @ the color of my skin, I’m a black woman.”Had I responded with anger and physical force, I would have been seen as the Angry Black Woman” who could not control her emotions. Nobody that represent/ work for Five Towns Target apologized. The Apology should be just as loud as her humiliation.

Review №2


I feel bad for the bad reviews but my experience was great! My fiancé and I came here because I needed nail polish top coat and a swimsuit. We found the swimsuit quickly but before that my fiancé pointed out that they had rare Funko Pop figures of TLC! I quickly picked them up and placed them in the shopping basket. That was another point-only get a basket not a cart. Other people are right the aisles are too small for carts but it can work if you pay attention and need to use them due to a disability or because you are getting a lot of items. Anyways, the swimsuit I tried on at home fits perfectly. I am especially grateful to the security guard who helped me take the security tags off after proof of purchase. She was very nice and she had really nice nails! I also made a quick stop by the haircare aisle to get a deep conditioner as well as a hand lotion. They seem to have basics. Which is fine. I would get other items I use more often in the Costco nearby. Overall, great experience. Self checkout was quick and the store is clean.

Review №3


Good place to have. Very convenient for the Far Rockaway customers since we do not have large stores close by

Review №4


If I could give this store 0 stars I would. I just had the worst experience ever. Called corporate and they were not able to resolve the issue either which in the first place was the cashiers fault. I feel so frustrated. I was not able to recover my money so far. Waisting my time in the store for 30 minutes then on the phone for another hour. Ridiculous😠😡

Review №5


Aaliyah was very helpful in catering to my needs. Getting me the shirt I needed when it wasnt on the rack and going the extra mile. We need more people like her.

Review №6


The store is small. The associates have to make sure the food is not expired. I bought a couple of things twice and it was stale. The workers are very helpful and polite. The store is clean. I hope they will get better. Im not crazy of the clothes selection. They can do better.

Review №7


I visited this Target last Sunday for the first time. Its not that big, but it is very nice and clean. I purchased a few large grapefruits for $1 each, which were very fresh. I would definitely come back here to shop for all sorts of things.The self checkout is super convenient.

Review №8


The interior is really nice. But there’s really nothing in there a lot of stock was missing unavailable items to find. Also if you want to buy K-pop albums they don’t have any.And some of the staff were just really rude. If you’re going to work in customer service do not be rude. I should’ve just returned whatever I bought and left.

Review №9


Helpful workers. A woman by the name of Shanna found my husbands wallet 2 days before Christmas!! Her honesty was much appreciated!

Review №10


Visited Store in Lawrence NY to pick up a purchase. I asked someone to help me and they got another person. She said she would be back in a second. She went into the back came out walked by me and said nothing. I asked another person to help me and she got me what I purchased. People were standing around doing nothing instead of asking a customer if they could assist. Not a good experience

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