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Phone: +1 646-758-8596
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–9PM
  • Saturday:8AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 3.8

28 Reviews for Target 2023:

Review №1


I visited the Target on E. 86th. I thought the layout was kinda different. The clothes and food are at the bottom level. While the cosmetics, candy, housewares on the upper level. This place took over the Barnes and Noble that was previously at this site. I liked the prices so far and was able to find everything I needed. I will definitely return to this Target. We needed a Target in this neighborhood and im glad to see them here.This Target is located at 150 East 86th Street New York City 10028

Review №2


I visited this store at the beginning of the month. It is located where the old Barnes & Noble store was located. This location is accessible as there are escalators and elevators. There is even an escalator for the carts so you don’t have to wait for the elevators if you don’t want to. This is one of the larger locations as they have clothing for men, women, children, and babies), household items, food items, CVS Pharmacy, etc. There is a self-check out area that you can also pay cash with and a regular check out with employees and registers. This location is accessible via public transportation. I will be returning to this location.

Review №3


Shout out to Eileen and Paulina at the UES 86th/Lex @Target Store for providing outstanding customer service always. I am so happy to see them every time I shop. They are so helpful and fun. Thank you!

Review №4


This Target is very disappointing the raw concrete floors are terrible and the worst of all is they play MUSIC! As I walked around I couldnt figure out why I wasnt feeling the vibe and then I realized they were playing music ughh. The best part of shopping at Target stores is the quiet compared to other department stores. I was so turned off I just left. Sounds dramatic but it really was off putting. Seriously Fix the floors and turn the music off its important.

Review №5


11/15/21. Live to see Target in any of my. Appointment areas! Im a fan of Targets Meats! They have great pork chops 2/$6 and T- bone steaks $12. I took Tagets steaks and chops to Hawaii! Im happy to know when I go to my food Dr. Misler, I walk into Taget for great steaks! Yeh!

Review №6


Place doesnt make sense I asked to do a return they mentioned you can do a return at the checkout and at the order pick up area. NOW you can only go to the check out area. Everyone was telling two different stories on where you can go. Place is not worth the headache ! Better off going to 117st they know how to satisfy the customer and get the job done !! TerriblePlace if I can give them no stars I would.

Review №7


I don’t know where to start from receiving good customer service or bad customer service from a so called manager. I had awful interaction with a manager named Asia. This isn’t the first time and I am not understanding how she still working there. I had an issue with a return and all she did was give an attitude and a sarcastic response. No solution. I enjoyed coming to this store because its nearby but I just cant if shes going to be there.

Review №8


This store was profoundly depressing. It’s not big enough to be well stocked, and it looks like it had real bottom of the barrel stuff.Maybe the ghost of Barnes & Noble is haunting my soul.

Review №9


The store has limited selections for items but tries to have a few different items. I think they have the most household items compared to food or other categories. The space is clean and easy to access.

Review №10


Its okay. The selection of games within the gaming section is small, and the selection of electronic and figures like Funko Pops are almost non-existing. Food regarding the ethnic section is meh compared to E 116 street Target.

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