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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Target 2023:

Review №1


Very clean and organized store get all the household essentials and groceries.

Review №2


Overall experience is good. Nice place, good price. Please keep the order pick-up location strictly for order pick-up. While picking up their online order, some people bring groceries to check out at the order pick-up counter. And it takes too long to get to the customers who are still waiting in line. Its fine to check out if customers arent in a long line.

Review №3


Extremely crowded. Tip: grab any abandoned cart you see on your way in. They don’t have enough (in fact, many are commandeered by their own associates who are stocking shelves). Also, you can’t just get in line at a register, there’s a HUGE line directed by an associate before you can get to a register line, though it does move fast. I was shopping in the food section and many items are depleted or not in stock altogether. They can’t keep up.

Review №4


The man in charge of moving the line telling people where to go made me go back to the end of the line saying I cut the line but there was no people there. They had already accumulated and there was someone who did cut the line and came right behind me and so he thought I also skipped and forced me behind everyone I already waited for. This happened around 9:20pm-9:30pm today. Target do something to this employee or teach him how to do his job so it doesnt happen to everyone else again.

Review №5


Can y’all remove the stipulation of 5 items or less at self checkout??? Idk who asked for that change, but it’s not working. Currently irritated waiting on a VERY long line but would’ve been done if I was at checkout. The waiting time is only increased by the fact that cashiers pack the bags.Update: They changed this- back to normal! Updated stars from 2 to 4

Review №6


Went to buy a bike lock it was under a $8.99 price tag but I was $22.99 originally. They didn’t want to honor the price I saw and I have a pic of. Until a manager override it.The supervisor was disrespectful and unprofessional.The manager helped me more. Thank you.

Review №7


Loveeeee this target… the lines move super fast and they’re always clean. They have one floor thats big with everything in its own section plus they have a parking garage. They may not have everything in stock always but what target does?

Review №8


Love coming to Target to get my household items but what I dont like now is that the self-checkout is only for customers who are going to pay by card. Lately, I have to wait in line just to pay for a few items and sometimes people have their carts full and I have to wait for them to finish but other than that, everything else is good

Review №9


Overall experience is good. Nice place, good price. Please keep the order pick-up location strictly for order pick-up.

Review №10


I dont shop at this location often. Most items I wanted were well stocked. I realized while taking inventory as I unpacked that I was overcharged. I purchased one item and was charged for two of that item. I called the store and the friendly representative stated that Id have to return to the store (travel 13 miles) to get refunded.

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