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Phone: +1 718-793-3100
Opening hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–10:30PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–10:30PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–10:30PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–10:30PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:6:30–11:30PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–10:30PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

51 Reviews for Tel Aviv Kebab House 2023:

Review №1


Place has good things and bad thing with the bad out weighing the good. Lets start with the good because there isnt a lot of it. The virizka was soft good flavor and not over cooked. Lula was good. Good flavor and not dry. Not the bad, where do I start. First is that a lot of stuff on the menu was not even available. Hate that. Liver was way overcooked and not enjoyable at all. French fries soggy with a smell of old oil. Soup Shurpa was awful flavorless dark and meat was dry and without any fat whats so ever. Ribs you cant even bite in to. Full of fat and not well cooked. Chicken dry. Definitely not a place I would visit twice

Review №2


Very disappointing.First of all The food in that RestaurantIs very expensive, overpriced. Which Would have been fine either way except for the fact that They charge a lot of money for a very small tiny portion. I would have accepted that too but some not all the food has an unpleasant taste. When I ate some of the food I got Nauseous from it. Future customers, I would be very careful from ordering there.

Review №3


Very tasty food especially Pilov! Highly recommend

Review №4


Very authentic middle eastern food. Menu is very fair priced. Appetizers where all very and went with a lamb and beef kabob

Review №5


My family and I just dined in and I had to leave a review. The food was seasoned perfectly, the meat was tender, I honestly cant remember the last time I have enjoyed food at a restaurant this much. We ordered many things from the menu and it was all so good. The service was great. Well come back again.

Review №6


Great Food. Gets Cold when people decide to stand in the door way talking with the door open on cold nights. Could use another waitress, she was a bit rushed for so many clients at once, owner just stands counting money.

Review №7


Avoid this place at all costs. Terrible food and service. After addressing the exorbitant price the owner got extremely confrontational and hostile.

Review №8


Went here with coworkers who really like this place. I personally did not care for the meat plates (beef, lamb, chicken) as they were way to greasy and over salted/seasoned. The veggie/salad plates were good though.I would not recommend this place if you are just casually looking for a place to eat; its traditional whatever it is, and is for someone who is already familiar with this type of food.

Review №9


A truly amazing place to enjoy some authentic Bukharian food. Went there with a big group and the food was well priced and they kept feeding us. Staff is very friendly and the food is so good one of the members of our party began to cry over how good it was. Currently it is under the supervision of VHK and it is right on main Street so if you are ever in the area please go and enjoy.They do not have a wide selection of vegetarian options but they were able to provide some great food for some in our party who dont eat meat.

Review №10


Delicious delicious delicious!!! Food was Fresh and AMAZING service was good too. Kebabs are really good. Everything was prepared straight from the fire and homemade feel.