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Phone: +1 646-590-1902
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Total reviews rating 4.3

199 Reviews for The Bark Shoppe 2023:

Review №1


Love this place! Left for a year since I moved, but had to come back because no other groomer would cut my pups the same locally. They greeted me, made small talk, and were super friendly. All three groomers came and gently took my pups in the most professional manner, even my most anxious dog (who’s very fidgety) calmly went with the groomer. You can tell they know what they’re doing! Definitely worth the trip! It’s also worth noting that while I was there a customer was being extremely rude and the staff handled it so well. Props to The Bark Shoppe!

Review №2


We had an excellent experience with the Bark Shoppe grooming our 1 year old pup. We initially had a 2pm appointment but they called us around 10am and told us we could come in earlier if we wanted. We did so and the groomer Mimi quickly and professionally assessed our pup.We knew he was quite matted from being coned during a surgery so we were aware he might need to be shaven quite close. Mimi confirmed this but let us know the decision was ultimately up to us. We told her to do what she had to do because we just wanted to get his matting out.Mimi blazed through his grooming in roughly 2-3 hours (much quicker than previous grooming at other places), removing all his matting and keeping as much of his floof as possible. The Bark Shoppe provided timely progress updates and put my mind to rest as an anxious pup parent. When I went to retrieve my pup, he was perfectly happy with no nicks anywhere. Seems like he had a great time with Mimi.Thanks so much to everyone at the Bark Shoppe! 😄

Review №3


Just had the best experience at the Bark Shoppe. I came in to ask a few questions and help my neighbor as she was looking for a good grooming studio for her fur baby. We both were so impressed with the service, the cleanliness of the studio and just how well they understood dogs. The receptionist was super nice and talked us through all the options, showed us a tour, and helped make sure we had everything needed for the 1st appointment. I would highly recommend The Bark Shoppe for any pet family.

Review №4


I took my dog(Milo) to the Bark Shoppe, as my usual groomer was out of the country until mid April. I decided to take a chance at a new groomer, since Milos hair was getting too long and affecting his ability to see well. I had my teenage son drop off Milo at 9/9:30 AM for his grooming appointment; my son informed me that there were concerns with matting and that there would be an additional charge of $65 for the additional time it would take the groomer to comb through the matting. I contacted the Bark Shoppe and requested to speak with the groomer for clarity on the additional fee, she explained that it would take her an additional 2-3 hrs (aside of the initial expected time frame of 2 hrs) to de-matt my dog and thats why the fee was being added to the initial charge of $95. However, we received a call for pickup within the initial time frame, which has me questioning what was the additional fee for?Additionally, I was never informed that my dog would be shaven down, which I wouldve appreciated the opportunity to make the decision on and wouldve definitely not consented to. To make matters worse, the shaved haircut was uneven and choppy and left my dog with his chest skin exposed, with an apparent error which cut through his hair exposing right down to the skin.From my previous experience with other groomers, when there have been matting, I was able to be provided with the styling results and look desired, and the groomer was able to remove the matted hairs and if there was ever an anticipation that I would be paying for an outcome other than the one I seek, a clear break down was always communicated to me before the groomer took the initiative to make the final decision on my pet.I am extremely disturbed by the service and poor communication received from the Bark Shoppe, as a first client I wouldve appreciated a better experience and not to be charged an additional fee for a service that I did not receive.

Review №5


I have been taking my dog here for a year and a half and have recently been having more issues which they unfortunately don’t tend to reconcile. At one of her first appointments there, they cut my dogs ear (my dog is really calm and small, so no idea how this happened) and I was really understanding about it, but they didn’t refund me anything or try to make it right in anyway. It resulted in an expensive vet appointment. I gave them another chance because they’re so conveniently located. I’ve tried to book specific groomers I trust online but who you get doesn’t seem to ever be in your control. And now this last time even when I had a groomer I’ve had before, mid appointment, they tried to call and text me to charge me additional to cut her nails - even though I’ve been booking the same service package with them since the beginning. They sent her back to me without her nails trimmed, saying all groomers were gone for the day. When I asked what happened, they told me their packages changed/ prices raised. Which i understand happens, but they could have explained this to me when I made the appointment or even when I dropped her off… the only thing they offered is if I paid more I could make another appointment the next day… just disappointed they don’t try to make things right when they go wrong

Review №6


Similar to some other recent reviewers, I have been taking my pups here for years, and had always had a good experience until they brought on a new manager at the beginning of 2022. Had several experiences with that manager in which he was unreasonable and unpleasant.I was very happy to get a call from the new manager today, who was both pleasant and very reasonable. She helped me resolve the minor issue I had, and explained to me that the old manager was no longer with the company.Given all that, I would definitely continue to recommend the Bark Shoppe for pup grooming.My only issue and why I give 4 stars instead of 5 is that the turnover with the groomers is kind of high. They all do an OK job, but I would have more peace of mind if I could book the same groomer for my pups every time.

Review №7


We have been taking our dog to The Bark Shoppe for several years because they make our dog look great, but the visits shes had in 2022 have been very negative.For one appointment earlier in the earlier in the year, we had to wait over two weeks to get an appointment, only to have the appointment cancelled that morning, with no apology or explanation about what happened. The earliest they could rebook us was two weeks later. No one seemed to care about the inconvenience (or the fact that our dog really needed a haircut).Additionally, front desk staff have been extremely rude to us. This included giving me a lecture on how to use the doorbell and rudely telling me I couldnt store my dog carrier there during my dogs appointment (even though wed been able to do that for several years prior). Its totally fine if the policy changed, but politeness goes a long way.Finally, today we were notified by a call at 4:43 that our dog was ready, but that they would close at 5pm. We live >20 minutes away, so then had to rush and get an uber to pick up our dog. We couldnt reach the business by phone and had no idea what was going to happen to our dog if the business was actually closed. The staff didnt seem to care about the poor communication when given feedback about what happened.Additionally, weve started being charged in full for the grooming appointment in advance, not just asked to provide a deposit like several years prior. This seems ridiculous and unnecessary--why do I have to pay in full for my dogs grooming appointment 2 weeks before it actually happens? Weve never canceled or no-showed an appointment and have been loyal customers for years.I would try and address these issues directly with someone from the business, but no one weve given feedback to thus far has seemed to care about the poor experience weve had. Anyway, Im really sad to see this business lose some of the great customer service wed come to expect over the years.

Review №8


Everyone I’ve interacted with at the Bark Shoppe has been incredibly kind! Their prices are affordable, they do an amazing job and my dog is never distressed or upset when I pick her up (as I have experienced at other places)

Review №9


Amazing, amazing service! Like most owners, my dog is my baby and I’m always so nervous handing him over. But the Barke Shoppe handled Simon with such great care and groomed him so beautifully. Not to mention, the staff is so lovely & friendly :) We will definitely be back!

Review №10


RUN, DONT WALK to The Bark Shoppe! I drive all the way from Brooklyn to get my pups groomed, because no one is better. Definitely make an appointment in advance, they are in demand, and prepare to be amazed by how gorgeous they make your pets.

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