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Total reviews rating 4.6

199 Reviews for The Bowery Ballroom 2023:

Review №1


Haven’t been to many concerts, and none in a long time, but seeing the Milk Carton Kids in the Bowery Ballroom was a special night for us. GREAT sound, a very open space. (Most folks stand, but you can sit). Perfect walk from the Citizen M hotel too. Really enjoyed the Circa 1920’s ballroom and the night was as good as hoped for!!

Review №2


My husband and I just went to the pop-up Arcade Fire concert and enjoyed the Bowery Ballroom for the first time. What an awesome small venue! When you walk in, you are asked for you vaccination card and are ushered into a downstairs bar where you can get drinks while you wait to enter the main hall. The main hall is perfectly situated for your favorite rock band. The open floor plan really lends itself to dancing and communing with your fellow band lovers. We had a blast! Drinks are priced as expected for a NYC venue but from what I hear, this place takes care of their performers so I guess I dont mind paying if they are taking care of their artists.

Review №3


Attended a Fruition show at the Bowery Ballroom on a Friday night. The room is relatively ordinary and yet feels heavy of energy and stories. The sound and lighting for the show was fantastic, but door staff, inside security, and bartenders were rude and unhelpful. Not easily accessible for handicapped or those that are mobility-limited

Review №4


Great concert venue here in NYC. It’s the perfect size where you can be literally feet from your favorite artist, but then also leave to get a drink and if you don’t make it back into the crowd, you’re never too far away, making this one of the best venues in the city. I’ve seen about 14 shows here over the past few years and they’ve been fantastic before, during, and after the pandemic. Great spot!

Review №5


Venue is nice! Theres a bar outside of the ballroom, as well as one on the top floor inside. Appreciated the fact that when things got a little stuffy or hot I could feel the air or a fan running to cool the room down.

Review №6


The Bowery Ballroom is the last place you get to see legendary bands before they are too big or when they want to start playing intimate venues that are still huge. The main music space is the perfect size, even at the bar at the back of the room you still feel close to the stage. The balcony offers another great view if you don’t want to be in the middle of everything and the bar up there has a great view. The sound is perfect and the stage has been graced by everyone from Kanye West to Greg Almond. The staff is awesome from the ticket takers up to the manager. They take care of their artists and it shows when they hit the stage.

Review №7


Always love the ballroom. The first in TMBG tour. Get well Soon Flansburgh!

Review №8


Went to see Elah Hale and she absolutely killed it. Proud to have seen her career blossom over the years.

Review №9


Can i just say what an amazing production staff they have here. Recently worked with this team and was absolutely blown away with how incredible they were. Stef was a super efficient and great gm who took proper care of me and my team. Danielle was not only an other level pm, but she did an impeccable job with lighting for us as well. Truly she is an all around all star. The sound crew RJ and Craig were super knowledgeable and a dream team. They went above and beyond to make my day easy and were delightful to work with. Dexter, their head of security, was truly phenomenal and a great head of security. He is a true legend and even helped us coordinate getting promotional items to all the fans. They got the fans in early and kept the line running smoothly.If i could give this team more stars than 5 i would. But just know you all truly are one of my favorite teams to recently have the pleasure to work with. Keep up the great work!

Review №10


It felt like I was in the TSA while the bouncer was checking IDs...took their jobs a little too serious to the point of not making this spot enjoyable at all. Bartender was nice. Nobody was allowed upstairs where there were chairs available for an unknown reason. They were giving the mom and dad of one of the performers a really hard time. Very unprofessional. Would not suggest performing there if you are an artist. My friend who performed as well as his manager were beyond upset at the treatment received.