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Phone: +1 585-813-0144
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for The Home Depot 2023:

Review №1


Have been a long time customer here, my wife and I bought our first dishwasher and because we have had pretty decent experiences in the past purchasing products at this store, we decided to purchase it here. Worst decision ever. Not only did we have to wait 3 weeks for it to be delivered, Home Depot doesnt deliver it, they have a 3rd party deliver the product, which obviously has different policies than Home Depot does. Long story short the kid leaves the dishwasher in the middle of my kitchen floor along with his toolbox, says he cant do the job that I have to call and reschedule to make another appointment for installation, which I do and the store tells me the earliest available appointment is a week from now making it total a month Ive been waiting. So after complaining to a manager about it (which did absolutely nothing), Im deciding that this long term customer is never stepping foot into a home depot store again.

Review №2


While visiting our children in NY we needed to do a small pipe conversation. Not being familiar with the store, I opted to order the part I needed for pickup. In about an hour or so I got a notification that it would be ready to get from a locker located at the entrance.Upon arrival the outside of the building looked newly renovated or very well maintained. Much nicer then what we see in Maryland. We decided to go in and check out what else is in there.The store is very clean, and theres plenty of room to move about with our without one of their carts. After about an hour we walked out with a few other items, stopped off at the locker, scanned our QR code and grabbed our online order and headed back to do our install.

Review №3


Staff terrible told me paintbwas $30.99 for a gallon okay yeah Ill get the thirty dollar one she said it will be here ready ring it out at register $39.72 so I paid 40 dollars for a gallon of paint and I didnt wanna argue with people and she did it would take one coat the paint needed two coats for sure at pics first on one coat 22nd is two coats which is the color I picked out in the second photo what a difference one coat looked horrible and not the color I wanted at all I wanted a maroon color so paint is just as good as any other having to due coats is definitely not worth 40

Review №4


I came into the store for a chest freezer and had an excellent experience. I couldn’t find the one I was looking for in the section I assumed it would be in so I requested help. When I walked up there were three employees having a conversation they instantly stopped and all of them jumped at the chance to assist me. Ultimately my most interaction was held with the assistant manager I believe his name was Tim. He noticed the box of the freezer I wanted was a little banged up and asked if I wanted to inspect the product, I hadn’t even thought to do so. When we opened it he noticed a dent in the front where the knob to change the temperature on the freezer was and didn’t want me to walk out of the store with a damaged product. He quickly returned the item and brought up the new one, performed a quick exchange in the system and I was on my way. I would 100% recommend Home Depot for all of your home improvement/appliance needs!

Review №5


This store was clean, organized, and clearly marked aisles! I always see products that stir my imagination and drive my creative juices. Prices are comparative with other big home improvement centers. Due to economics, some products are not a good value right now, i.e., Lumber! All in all, though, this is my first choice to look for a home improvement purchase.I do have 2 issues I would rate at a1-2. The first is the parking to cash register ratio. If youre buying the costly lumber, then no problem, although buying any other product has you walking from one side of the store to the other for that item. Secondly, if you need to use the bathroom, I hope you can hold it because you have to walk all the way to the back of the warehouse sized building to find it.

Review №6


Not a good experience the last time I was in. I was looking for an over the range microwave. I asked the employee which ones they had in stock- he checked on his phone and said none of them, I would have to order one. I wandered toward the back where the rest of the microwaves were and found 4 over the range microwaves in boxes so I asked about them -oh, I didnt know we had those. I asked him to show me what each of the models looked like on display since there werent any pictures on the boxes. I settled on one as the employee assured me it was the stainless steel one on display. I got home and opened it and it was white..... we had to drive it all the way back to return it.... I ordered one online from Lowes and picked it up the next day, much better service.

Review №7


How lazy do you gotta be to not fulfill one order that was ordered well over 6 hours ago. And dont tell me it takes 24 hrs to show up I used to do order fulfillment at home depot and it doesnt take that long. Wont be using this service again

Review №8


Love it here its my second home

Review №9


Does not matter which employee you ask for help requarding any subject, they all know the answer. This can only be accomplished by an excellent training program with excellent management and motivated hard working employees.Congrads Batavia Home Depot , You are the best.

Review №10


This place finds a way to burn me everytime I try to give them money.Always out of stock.Staff seem incompetent & lost.Management is rude.Prices are high, quality is low.Even if I have to wait on shipping, I will be taking my money to the internet from now on; Not worth the drive & hassle to be disappointed every time.

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