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Phone: +1 631-286-0210
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for The Home Depot 2023:

Review №1


Employees are always willing to help. Generally always find what Im looking for sometimes you just have to dig around and ask for help..

Review №2


I dont like giving bad reviews but... the only thing that I can say about Home Depot is that they need to instead of putting you in front of a computer and make you watch training videos for hours, and then throw you out on the floor and expect you to know what to do and what to say to customers, is to give more hands on training. I noticed that when I go into a Home Depot store a lot of the salespersons either make believe they are on their phone or put their head down and walk a different direction because they dont feel confident enough to do their job or theyre just plain lazy and dont want to do it.

Review №3


I went to pick up my order. Parked in the correct spot. I used my home Depot app, website and then had to call the store directly. After 35 minutes someone finally came out. If you dont see anyone in 10 minutes, just call. Lesson learned. Next ten another store and I wont be as patient.

Review №4


I called the store seeking help to replace and match some siding that HD installed on my house in 2007!! James in millwork advised me to speak with Jim the next morning as he was a long-standing employee. I went to the store, spoke to Jim who heard and understood my story and walked me upstairs to meet Debbie in the office. Debbie heard me out, told me she needed to make a few calls and that she would call me later. She called back within two hours with the information I needed even though HD no longer does roofing and siding along with suggestions as to what to do next!!!! Just an extraordinary level of personal service from all three of these employees. I have my choice of about 5 stores between houses and I will always choose the Bellport location. The staff here is always helpful and more importantly, available and happy to help.

Review №5


Dont shop much in and out but whenever I need something its always there its a pretty good store

Review №6


This store is great. The other location is more of a circus and frustrating when your looking to be in and out when your working on a project and people are there like its a grocery store looking to shop around get in the way and slow things down.

Review №7


Went in to get cabinets for our kitchen and come to standing down the isle for 20-30 min waiting for a sales associate to come and help. Very upsetting ended up leaving and not getting the cabinets. Went to a different location.

Review №8


As normal, Home Depot can always make you mad before you finally get what you need. Lack of customer support and hard to find anything.

Review №9


Great store, staff was extremely helpful in locating what I was looking for. They even called the Patchogue Home Depot when they where out of stock on a part I needed to finish a project.

Review №10


If they have the parts they are 3 star, but since covid they have really slacked in what an average home owner needs for DIY projects

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