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Phone: +1 212-247-4510
Site: https://www.theartstudentsleague...
Opening hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.2

74 Reviews for The Leagues Fine Art Supply Store 2023:

Review №1


I was asked for a vaccination card in order to shop in the art supply store. Not sure if the people in charge of putting up these ridiculous rules are in touch with the reality…but not only the mask mandates are lifted in New York, but it’s an absolute discrimination to require a medical record from someone who was merely looking to access the retail shop. The section about Inclusion and Diversity shouldn’t even exist on their website…

Review №2


Wonderful man that works at the store! Passionate, friendly and very talkative!! Great selection of art supplies on the go!

Review №3


Still asking for vaccination cards here…makes no sense to me…but hey it’s your business. I think is discrimination specially after the mandates have been lifted state wide.

Review №4


I make it a point never to shop here. Jerrys Artarama is more then half off everything online. I will never shop here again in a coat check closet boutique run by angry bitter jerks. Im so glad Im done with this dump of an organization. Over priced and over rated store, school, staff, members etc. Every button head there is brain washed and drank the koolaid. This is NOT a real art school and NOT a real art store. That institute died decades ago with fraud, theft and zero talent trash. Good luck peddling chinese pencils.

Review №5


Its very disgusting when someone asks you for your personal medical information to enter a building. How did this organization become so fascistic?

Review №6


Its not fair!!!! I wish I live next to this place...I The Leagues Fine Art Supply Store not to go to my The Leagues Fine Art Supply Store.

Review №7


Had that pencil sharpener I needed and at a better price than Amazon, thank you!

Review №8


Great for sudden needs like running out of museum board or Emerald Green paint.

Review №9


Rude unexperienced costumer services. very small shop. i wasted my time in this shop

Review №10


I intentionally went to this store over a Blick that was closer to me because it wasnt a chain. I bought over $100 worth of canvas stretchers, and dealt with the young clerk and the store manager at the time. Less than a week later, I called inquiring if I could not return, but merely exchange, some of the canvas stretchers for different sizes. Despite this being an approximately 15x20ft independent art store, because I no longer had my receipt, I would not be able to exchange the items. Not a world tragedy, but just shameful honestly. So much for wanting to work with the smaller stores.