The Salvation Army Thrift Store New York, NY in New York


Phone: +1 212-929-5214
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–7PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.9

94 Reviews for The Salvation Army Thrift Store New York, NY 2023:

Review №1


Wow. Impressive. Cleanest thrift store I have ever been in. Well organized. Staff very helpful. Appreciated things are in working order and good condition. Bonus that they were having a sale and everything half off. Might have splurged on a thing or two.

Review №2


Loved my visit here! Got a few cute things for amazing prices especially for a Manhattan thrift store. The goodwill nearby has insane prices so finding this was awesome! The staff is also super friendly here.

Review №3


This is one of the good thrifts in NYC: cookware, books, mens clothing all pretty good to great. Very nice staff and the store is clean enough. However I cant make heads or tails out of how the store is organized. But def worth a trip. These folks put up with a lot and deserve props.For all you old timers, I miss former manager Angie and her crew. Angie didnt take no s#&t from anybody, you could eat lunch off the floor, and somehow the merchandise was just better than any other store. This isnt to disrespect the current store cuz they are better than most, but 2008-2012 approximately was something else. Angie if you out there, a big hug to you. And Claire, and Kevin, and anyone else I forgot .Damn, Im really an old guy now, reminiscing. Wow.

Review №4


I stopped by today and a woman customer was trying to explain something to a male employee. The employee interrupted her loudly and told her she wasn’t listening. When she tried to explain herself again, he became louder and said, “STOP. Stop talking. You need to listen to me.” She sounded reasonable and calm the entire time but either way, NO ONE should be talked down at in that manner, especially by an employee.

Review №5


Whenever you might need a keyboard, mouse, cabling, printers, extra monitors or computer periphery, wires etc. SALVATION ARMY ROCKS!I ALWAYS go there to get a new Logitech wireless keyboard or mouse, in superb condition and perfect working order from $3.00 to $8.00 max, when needed. The same for audio visual items and cabling like HDMI

Review №6


Awesome deals and all good stuff.

Review №7


The manager is very mean and the prices are way too expensive for this thrift store. Very disappointed.

Review №8


New Management are not personable. Ive been shopping in the Store long before theyve arrived which is probably since the start of the new year(2021). Some of the item are being priced outrageously. These items are being donated and shouldnt be sold for exorbitant prices.Update 06/03/2022Theyre not as bad as far as prices goes You can find some good deals in there The people who I was talking about are no longer working there so the places much more pleasant to shop at.

Review №9


It had a few books Ive been looking for. People were friendly. The line was getting a bit too long before staff noticed.

Review №10


This is one of my favorite places to shop. They have lots of great finds at low prices. You can really make out good and save a bundle!! Sales staff is very friendly.

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