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Total reviews rating 3.7

157 Reviews for The Tire Warehouse 2023:

Review №1


As you can see in the picture my passenger wheel is still visibly crooked despite bringing my vehicle to them for a four-wheel alignment. I made it very clear that the camber and caster needed to be adjusted as I had went to another shop and they did not have the tools to do this, and the ball joints had been replaced. I spoke a few times with Tom about this when I set up the appointment, and even specifically put a note in the dropbox with the keys. The morning of the appointment I received a call from Joe wanting to know what the car was in for. I again explained what I put in the note that was clearly not read other than my phone number. I never received an alignment printout either showing me the wheels were correct. I didnt even receive a call when the car was done! I happened to drive by and noticed the car was moved after a few hours and called, thats when I was told it was all set! Since the other shop already did a toe alignment I think this shop literally just checked the same toe alignment and charged me. I also believe this because the markings that I put on the nuts that control the camber and caster adjustment were not touched.

Review №2


If I could rate this store below zero I would. I went into the store to get tires for my Suburban. I met with a guy named Joe who is the manager. He provided me with a quote for 4 tires and stated for me to call a day or two in advance so the tires could be there for install. I called and Joe is on vacation and nobody can say when he will be back. They wont honor the printed quote they gave me because they say there not in stock as they never were in stock because of the cost and size and brand of the tires. I spoke to a non customer friendly person in the store named David who was just saying anything to get me off the phone and stating he wasnt going to get fired to sell 4 tires.I have been in a customer service/sales field for 30 years and I have never encountered such an event as this one. They wont tell me who the owner of the store is. Joe the manager wont call me back.I would steer super far away, pay double to another retailer just to not have to do business there.Thanks for all the help, keep fleecing customers, great way to maintain a great business and happy customers.

Review №3


I had never used the tire warehouse before, but I needed new tires and they were having a good sale, so, I scheduled an appointment for 4 new tires and an oil change. I dropped my vehicle off before they opened and went to work.All day I never heard from the garage so when I got out of work (because the garage was going to be closing for the day in an hour and I needed my vehicle back) I called them. The guy said he didnt have [my make/model] vehicle on his lot and asked me if I called the right place...Then I got put on hold for 10 minutes and when the guy picked up again he said he found my vehicle in the side lot and it was done.Shortly after this appointment I discovered that I was leaking oil (my vehicle is brand new and should NOT be leaking oil) so, I took my vehicle to a different garage to have this checked and it turns out that the Tire warehouse never put the gasket back on my drain plug for the oil pan.Completely stressful experience. I will NEVER go back to the Tire Warehouse again!

Review №4


Been going to tire warehouse for a while, around 20 years. For the most part Ive only had very good experience. For getting tires they are my go to place. I like the fact that I can get free tire rotations which I use. Ive had only one bad experience. They are up front about all the costs and get the work done fairly quickly.

Review №5


Joe I want to thank you and your team for taking care of my car again. Another great job. Keep up the good work Thanks. Bill McGuirk

Review №6


Dont go here. Employees will take your personal information from their system and use it to creepily gather information on you. The owner will deny that there was any wrong doing and just a misunderstanding. You tell me, is it creepy to get the name of a customer from your companys data base then start looking them up on been verified? Yeah thats creepy and not okay, no woman should ever do business here.

Review №7


I gave them excellent review and was abt to give them 5 stars but then this happened.Went there for all 4 tire change and break pads change. Liked their service until 2 weeks after the service , when I was driving to Ohio and narrowly escaped an accident due to break malfunction. My car was towed to nearby garage. When they took off all the tires, they showed me that Tire Warehouse had forgotten to put put back 2 of the bolts that holds caliper together and some of them were really loose. The garage guys told me someone will do such kind of job only if they want to kill me. I amThankful me and my family is alive. Need to talk to them and figure it out.

Review №8


I’ve had no less than five tires repaired over the years and every time they’ve taken me in without an appointment for an emergency repair. Their service is top notch and they take the time to ensure my car is safely back in the road.

Review №9


I knew I had a problem with my left rear tire and the place agreed to see me when I called them at 8am.They fixed it quickly and were professional and courteous. I gave 4 stars because my tire pressure icon is still showing on my dash and will have to return back to see them since this was done 3-4 weeks ago.. On 3/8/21 I returned to Tire Warehouse in light of no change in tire pressure light and explained the issue. I also requested they re-check all tires and they agreed. I was there less than half an hour, everything was checked and corrected. All was done at no charge so my rating is now FIVE STARS. This place doesnt disappoint...thank you TW!

Review №10


I found the tire warehouse online on a Friday afternoon, submitted an online request for a quote and then called the location for faster service. My first over the phone quote was 358 but I was told I would be conversed the next day for confirmation and a time to come in. Afterwards I get an email with a different quote of 258 and all the correct corresponding information for my tire request. Saturday morning as promised I receive a call saying the tire was in and I could come in, I again asked what was the price and was told 258. I arrive give them my keys and my car is taken back pretty quickly. 30 minutes or so later I look up to see my car being parked out front. There was another 15 minutes of me sitting waiting for the office staff to finish joking around in the back before my vehicle being done was acknowledged. As I’m getting ready to pay I am told my price of my tire after taxes is 390 I pull up my email and show the guy my online quote. I advise him that this is the quote I received after speaking to someone Friday and consistent to what I was told over the phone again earlier that morning. He goes into the back and then I guess the manager accompanies him and advises me that my phone call Friday was recorded and he can send it to me where he quoted 358. Here’s my issue with this place...they misquoted me twice and took no ownership of the situation they caused. Then aggressively handled the issue as if it were my fault or as if I was trying to get over on them somehow. You would think businesses would realize that we are still in a pandemic and providing good customer service is their lifeline. I also want to be clear that had I been offered a discount of any sort since it was a miscommunication on their behalf I would have accepted it and brought them my other two vehicles for service in the near future. 100 bucks cost them the potential to make hundreds more and earn a long term customer. I would rather give the dealership my money than this company.

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