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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for The UPS Store 2023:

Review №1


Great UPS store. The staff is friendly and always attentive. Daria, the main lady I see there, is always pleasant and helpful. Sometimes it gets really busy but they attend to everyone in the order they came in. Ive used them for printing, Amazon return drop off and shipping packages.

Review №2


Simple tasks that should be quick and efficient were so hard to complete at this UPS store! And this despite doing everything right. Placed an online Quick Print order because they said they dont do print via email for more than 2 pages. I emailed the store shortly thereafter to confirm they received the order and everything was in order. Awesome! Sent someone to pickup, and mind-blowing confusion. They insist they thought she was there for fingerprinting (????). And they still thought that AFTER she showed them the print confirmation receipt. Solved in 10 secs by explaining to the person there that its a print order! Next, created a UPS label online for mailing because didnt trust them to complete efficiently. Emailed the label for printing to the PUBLISHED store email address. Again, they insist they didnt get the label. Got someone on the phone, and she says I didnt email their Gmail (????!). First, how would I know I needed to email a Gmail account when its not published anywhere. Second, if someone comes in and says they emailed you something, NOBODY thought to ask what email or even check the PUBLISHED email that on your website. Basically solved in 10 secs by getting the person to check the right email! It feels like there isnt much effort or thought being put into completing tasks at the store. Sucks for customers trying their best to get stuff done efficiently.

Review №3


Call first. They were unprepared to have a notary available.I went back the following day and much smoother. It was frustrating to see services listed on the site and not available in person; I do believe that this is a reasonable expectation for a business. With that said, they were professional and did a great job and I appreciate their time so I have amended my review.

Review №4


Really great employees! I bought a bunch of boxes that I needed consolidated into one. They sold me the exact right size boxes promptly and packaged it all up for me, despite the fact that I realized I had Fedex return labels--and they did it all so quickly, in time for me to make FedExs closing time.Great job--would def. use them for any shipping needs.

Review №5


Ms. Daría is an excellent worker. She is fast and knowledgeable on her work. Wish all UPS places have an attendant like her..GOOD JOB.. many blessings 🙏🌺🙏

Review №6


Came into this location to get fingerprinting done & although I hit a bit of a hiccup Barbera was quick to assist me along with the store manager, which made the process quick & easy. Great staff, super friendly & helpful!

Review №7


Customer service sucks here. Many people left standing in an empty store. No staff. Only after three of us started saying hello did a woman yell something inaudible from the back. After a while another hello from the customers and the woman comes around the corner yelling in a super rude tone Im the only one in here doing some fingerprints, give me a few minutes.Then when helping the next customer she belittle the person because you needs a box for these things. Shes just a rude personIll walk to another location next time. Never again here.

Review №8


I needed a notary and called ahead. Service was great and very quick. Everyone was super nice. Thank you so much!

Review №9


The service alone is fine (3-stars for that). My items get from one point to the other. The customer service of the woman at this Beaver St. location, however, is terrible. I thought it was a one time thing but it’s every time that I enter. No name tag yesterday but her name is Daria. She was there on 1/20/22 @ 11AM. She doesn’t offer an initial greeting and doesn’t respond to one when given. She sucked her teeth both times when I said I had Amazon returns and even expressed how she hates doing them. Yesterday when she completed the scan, she tore the receipt off and just handed it to me with no “thank you,” or have a “nice day.” It was more of a “take it and go.” She’s unwelcoming and could seriously use some customer service training on etiquette.With several past reviews claiming her to be rude to customers as well, I truly wonder how much this location values customer service experience. Why is Daria still employed there? Strong suggestion: Daria along with management need to decide if UPS is the right fit. Seemingly it’s not for her.

Review №10


Great service. The store owner was extremely helpful in resolving an issue I had with my shipment. I saw I had to call UPS corporate for resolution, but the owner took charge and took care of the issue for me, without prompting. He followed up a couple times to give me an update and eventually reached out one last time to tell me everything has been taken care of. Outstanding customer service and extremely responsive, great business owner and represents UPS very well.

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