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Total reviews rating 2.6

36 Reviews for The UPS Store 2023:

Review №1


Many upper East-Side UPS stores may look the same, but given that they are...franchised, they vary greatly in their pricing and level of customer service.Yesterday (2/9/22) at Store # 1083 (East 65th Street; between First & Second Avenues); I was charged $16.06 for the printing of a 12-page color document. At the conclusion of the job, when I asked why I was being handed back pages that were in...Black & White, I was told that had I wanted the output to be in color, I should have MENTIONED IT EARLIER; at which point I (presumably) would have been told that the color printer“ wasn’t working ”. My response was that the document was in color, so I expected the printout to color. I mean, who wouldn’t ?What followed was a nasty, heated argument in which I insisted that I was being cheated, while the store clerk denied any wrongdoing and childly parroted my words.Today (2/10/22) I returned to the store, handed back the pages to a different employee and was given a full credit. I then walked over to store # 5899 (East 73rd Street & Second Avenue), and in no time at all had a very nice man print the same 12 pages -- in color – and all for only $12.93.Whoever manages these two locations: kindly take note.

Review №2


It’s 9:05 and the store is supposed to open at 9am. Lights are out and nobody even inside. Line of people waiting outside. Guess they just come to work when they want to?

Review №3


Couldnt take a package cause they were at max capacity... What kindve delivery service does that. Terrible place, terrible staff

Review №4


Dont understand the bad reviews. I have had excellent experience making Amazon returns here. Staff is patient, friendly and efficient unlike the UPS store on 73rd and 2nd which is much closer to me.

Review №5


I don’t write reviews ever, never felt the need to, however I came across the reviews below while looking for the number to call this location and felt the need to review.I visit this store quite often for Amazon returns mostly and have never encountered any rude or “attitudes” coming from the employees. I usually go Saturdays and am always helped by the happy bubbly young man who never has an issue taping my boxes for me or helping explain to me how to redo an Amazon return.When I’ve gone other days I have been helped by the manager and she is also nothing but kind. I have been witness to a few situations where CUSTOMERS escalate issues and are 100% in the wrong yet the staff always handles themselves professionally. The best UPS Store in the neighborhood. Go to the one on 62nd, 72nd or if you truly want to experience bad service.

Review №6


Last week I went into the store to return a rug. The young man behind the counter was not only unhelpful but unprofessional and condescending. We had a few questions about the return and received nothing but attitude. When we paid an extra fee to have him tape the rug, he said we had to leave before he taped it up or we could have a refund. This was the worst customer experience I’ve had in quite some time and the last time I use this store.

Review №7


They deserved no star! I went to this store because I needed to print a page and sending immediately. I told the clerk I need to send a document get it signed, so I need the return label too. The clerk couldnt print the address right and print it couple of times. Then he went to fold the second envelope and put it inside the first one. Who fold an official document envelope!!! Just a little bit common sense. Finally, he put the return label inside the first one. I came home and checked UPS website realizing the envelope he used is not the reusable ones. I went back to store quickly asking him to fix his problem. He yelled at me that no such an envelope exists and told me to leave his store. I asked him to give me the envelope, so I could go to another UPS store and get it fixed. He refused. 1. They are incompetence and dont know their own service. I dont know what is it that they are selling!! 2. They are rude as other mentioned. I ended up paying $83 and he didnt do the job right!!! Just stay away from this place!! Go to USPS!

Review №8


Was just at this store and the guys are fast, efficient, and super friendly. There was a line when I arrived. Normally I would have walked out, but i could tell the line was moving quickly. I was in and out of the store within a few minutes!! Great service!!I will never go again to the UPS Store on 64th and 2nd. They are rude and slow.

Review №9


Google shows open, but theyre closed until 10:30am.

Review №10


Useless, trust me, use another UPS store. 1) I called and confirmed they had my package then went in and claimed it was not there. Asked them to look around and after ugly looks and complaints, they eventually found it. Apparently it wasnt in the system. 2) I dropped a package off and it sat there, per the tracking for a week. I called in and they said we ship everything. I said prove it and tell me when it shipped in your system. Their response: Everything ships and we have no system. Call the 800 number. Completely unaccountable.

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