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Phone: +1 718-558-3933
Opening hours
  • Monday:12–8PM
  • Tuesday:12–8PM
  • Wednesday:12–8PM
  • Thursday:12–8PM
  • Friday:12–8PM
  • Saturday:12–8PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.3

20 Reviews for Think Before You Ink Tattoo Studio 2023:

Review №1


I just want to say that the people.,..... if thats what you want to call them that work at this place or ignorant and think that theyre worth is more than it really is. I dont even need to say anymore, these people dont deserve to call themselves artists.

Review №2


Im overall pleased with the shop. I havent really dealt with any other artist but my own; but everyone seems good.My artist is Abel. From consultation to sessions hes mantained a professional demeanor and his work is outstanding. My job wasnt any easy one; I wanted a cover up done and he did majority of the work freehand. I was nervous about my final product but he reassured me along the way Ill see it unfold.And, he was right. He has the skill set to do excellent work and I would recommend anyone to Abel.A month later, Im getting compliments on my new sleeve and I tell everyone about my artist. Whats even better, I dont have to tell anyone its a cover up because the new tattoo masks the old one really well. Im very pleased and I wish everyone the same experience at Think Before You Ink as I had. Ill be returning for pieces with Abel here. Thank you.

Review №3


Have gotten mine and my nieces tattoos here. The artist I’ve gone to is Steel. He is very respectful and personable. Definitely recommend him. The studio always has new art on the walls which is very refreshing.

Review №4


Before I write this review, let me just say , far be it from me to trash a black owned business or a black female artist, but the public should know what theyre getting into when they go to this establishment. For one, its above a Spanish restaurant so, you will feel the vibration of the loud music playing downstairs. The waiting area is nice, cool art work adorns the walls, comfy couches, even a wooden version of Connect Four sits on the table to play with while you wait. My daughter and I are tattoo enthusiasts and really wanted to go to a black owned business for tattoos that were meaningful to us. We were told a young lady named Zina would be doing our tattoos, I thought ok, cool. I also thought, she would take me first since my daughters tattoo was more elaborate and would take more time, but she decided to do hers first. Needless to say her tattoo took 2 hours. By the time she took me, I was livid as my tattoo only took 45 minutes. Upon returning home and back to usual life, my daughter started noticing her tattoo was not what she asked for and some how, Narcissistic Zina tattooed her initial into the artwork to make it seem as if it was her own work! My tattoo vision was not the same as hers and I had to come back to get it retouched as it was fading. Now heres the kicker! Zina charged an additional $20 which she claimed was for not for the time but for the equipment to fix HER blatant, self serving mistakes! What were we gonna do?.So, we paid it and the tattoos were retouched and my daughters was corrected and this heifers initial was taken out of her tattoo. So, in conclusion, read the name of this establishment and THINK before you consider coming here for a tattoo, I can only speak about the person they assigned to do my work and I was not happy with the results or this persons ethical practices. Needless to say, I will not be coming back here for anymore artwork, but I will continue to support black owned businesses and uplift my fellow black female artists/ business owners, etc, but not a narcissist who still needs practice before turning someones vision into a nightmare.

Review №5


It was one of the best experiences Ive had getting a tattoo, steelirons was my artist, Id recommend anyone that wants a quality tattoo to visit Think before you ink

Review №6


I was told my piercing couldnt get done because he was doing tattoos all day and never got to clean his tools and was given a very weak apology

Review №7


Been to several shops during the years, and experienced a good vibe such as this shop. Had a chest piece extension/cover-up done by Kaytatz. Vert pleased; will be back.

Review №8


Very unprofessional did not give me what was previously discussed instead wanted to give me something. Its sad I heard so many great things and then got nothing. O well thats y its called think before you Ink. Cuz u think of the ink and then get wat they want to give smh. So disappointed.

Review №9


Zina the tattoo artist is so sweet and her work is on point. She did me and my daughter.

Review №10


Great artists great work and great environment my Artist is Steel his work is great and very detailed.

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