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Phone: +1 212-639-9675
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6AM–12AM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6AM–12AM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

199 Reviews for Tompkins Square Park 2023:

Review №1


A nice park in East Village to enjoy the sun and take some rest. The facilities around the park are in a good shape (playground for kids, benches etc.) and the park is relative clean. Unfortunately there is open drug consumption and I’m not speaking about alcohol or weed. Right in front of us was a guy smoking crack like it’s completely normal and a group of junkies were sharing some pipe. I feel truly sorry for these guys but would appreciate if the police would control this better.

Review №2


Such fun! Whether friends, family or strangers you meet here, is all incredible fun. Its clean, good lawns, plenty trees for sitting or picnicking, laughing and loving on sunny wonderful days. If you love nearby, I seriously recommend going. In fact, JUST GO! Youll love it

Review №3


2 weeks ago we had a very early snow ❄️🌨️ storm. Anyway I walked through just before the end, around 6:30 am. Hope you enjoy, Ill be putting up some more post so please FOLLOW. TY

Review №4


A really beautiful park ! They have awesome rock concerts every now and then. Super cool young bands getting great exposure. Its not fall and the trees and slowly starting the brown. The leaves are turning brown and starting to fall and it gives the park a wonderful asthetic. Lots of playful squirrels running around too. Nice to just sit and read a book, play some table tennis or other sports with friends, run around and have fun or just chill out and relax.

Review №5


Nice area to take family for a walk, a picnic or even play in the park. They have I believe 3 play grounds for children to play in. A dog park, which has two sides one for small dogs and other side has big dogs

Review №6


It was drizzling a little but the area of the park where I was was tidy and not too noisy. The plants had varying stages of budding. There was a lot of squirrel activities. Most of them were digging for nuts. The pigeons and sparrows were out and about as well. It was a very calming visit.

Review №7


Tompkins Square Park is a great place to take a walk, sit quietly in the shade of trees or even take in small concerts by performing musicians. Lots of places on the outskirts to get snacks & drinks. Places to skateboard, play basketball, table tennis, and childrens playground. Also, a nice dog runs to take your loyal friend for some playtime and exercise.

Review №8


Everything people love about NYC is embodied in this lived in and relaxed neighborhood park: innovative artists and performers; punk music; people of all ages, colors, genders, professions collaborating in city living; urban wildlife (hawks! pigeons!), a fantastic dog run. Lined with iconic old apartments and some of the best restaurants in the city (including standout vegan food)!

Review №9


Was there with photo shoot. Its a nice neighborhood park. Good for the family.

Review №10


One of New York’s most underrated parks. Sure it gets weird at night but that adds to the magic of it let’s be honest. Great spot to hang during a sunny afternoon with all your friends in their carhartt pants. Benches are relatively comfy and plentiful. You’ll be sure to find a spot in sun or shade.