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74 Reviews for Town Sports International Holdings, Inc. 2023:

Review №1


Beware -- scam. Local gym, New York Sports Club closed in March 2020 because of Covid. I cancelled my membership. A month later the club physically closed down, as in disappeared from its location. In January 2021 the company continued billing me, only this time under a different name. (It was NYSC -- now Gym Membership Dues. ) I just noticed, six months later. Check your credit cards, frequently, people.

Review №2


If I could give them negative stars I would. They claim they sent out a mass mailing to inform members of price increases, but no such thing happened. Corporate tells you one story but the actual gym tells you another story. They charged me $10 to cancel my membership even though I gave the 45 day notice and I was on a month to month meaning no contract. I would never do business with them again because they are very shady and unethical. Its not only about a lack of communication, they just cant get their story straight.

Review №3


I was a member at NYSC Atlas Mall for 10 years. Over the years I’ve had several bad experiences trying to cancel memberships for my son and daughter where they continued to charge even after a request to cancel was put in, increase rates without notice and annual lock in fee which didn’t seem to lock in anything. They get you any way they can. But because of convenience I continued to be a member. As we all know the gyms were forced to close mid March because of the pandemic and any member can tell you that NOT ONLY DID THEY NOT REFUND THE REMAINDER OF THE MONTH BUT THEY CHARGED US FOR APRIL TOO. I contacted corporate and they assured me that “ You will be receiving a credit to your account for future dues.” Okay, fine.In the midst of all this pandemic stuff my husband gets diagnosed with cancer in April and I got diagnosed with breast cancer in August. The doctors say that they don’t want us going to the gym because of the virus and our compromised immune system.Fast forward to August/September. We contacted NYSC Atlas and requested to cancel my membership on September 2, the first day they were open. The gym bills on September 1st and bill they did. Although they owed their members about 45 days of credit, they went ahead and billed us all. I went to the gym and spoke with the manager and I was told that not only am I not getting a refund for September but I am also not getting the money back for the 45 days I was charged in March/April. “The credit was for future dues.” Is what I was told. Just like they had stopped the billing in May, they could’ve let it be paused for September since they owed us all a credit but they chose to flick the switch and bill us all. Never in my life have I dealt with a business that is so corrupt and dishonest. AND they said they waived my $30 cancellation fee, wow thanks for nothing.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE FRUSTRATION AND STAY AWAY.

Review №4


If I could give them zero stars I would. Stay away from this Gym. I had a membership with Lucille Roberts which was acquired by Town Sports International. I called to cancel my membership but was told I had to do it in person, so I went to the gym to do just that. When I got there, the employee said that I needed to sign a membership cancel request form, which I did. She said your membership has been canceled but my manager will call to confirm. Now if I cancel my membership why does your manager need to call to confirm, these people are such scammers. I am still waiting on the call.

Review №5


If I could, I would not give this company 1 star. I have never rated any organization, but from my own experience and experiences I have heard from friends and family this company does not regard their customers with any respect. To be clear, the employees and trainers at each site are all excellent and respectful and helpful, I have only had good experiences. It is the companys policies which are the problem. A common complaint I know is the 30 days notice for quitting the gym, which you can only do after you have completed your year or 2 year long contract with them. Be careful what contract you supposedly sign. Technically I never signed a contract with them, my contract was by verbal agreement and the only access I had to that contract was an email I saved from my original conversation one year prior. When I did want to quit the gym it took me two months. The contract says I can contact either my home gym or the headquarters. But what they really mean is that you must send documentation to the headquarters. Your home gym forwards your cancellation at their own convenience...2 or 3 weeks later which could be another $70-$100 out of your pocket before headquarters even decides to process your cancellation. As you cancel you are also given other documents which you must sign which have never been mentioned in the contract or by the company before hand. Also in order cancel I was given an email address to write to, this email address was inactive and it took quite a bit of searching and repeated emailing to finally get the correct email. once I did contact someone, it took repeated emails to clearly state all the steps which they had stipulated under my contract as well as the steps they added along the process. When I finally cancelled my membership I did not get exactly what was expected but I was happy the process was over and am sure that if I was not as thorough as I was I would be worse off. The following is what I did:-Letter stating important dates and times including contract start date, contract end date, date of cancellation, and the date 30 days later when your membership is absolved (signed). Be sure to use the language of the contract and restate clearly and precisely that based off their information that this is your understanding. Be sure to use words that hold them accountable for their own language.-Copy this letter four times, go to your home gym and have an employee sign and date each letter.-have four copies of your contract as well as any other unexpected documentation your home gym may ask of you.-You should have at least four copies of each document, leave one for your home gym to have on file, one for yourself to keep on file, one to mail to your home gym (certified)...better safe then sorry and the final a certified set of documents to mail to the headquarters.-Scan each document and email to the cancellation email service TSI provides, if an email doesnt work keep looking for one but keep forwarding the same email so their is a paper trail.-call your home gym to make sure they have passed on your information to headquarters...push them to do so in a polite manner (they are not the bad guys)-in the emails to headquarters reiterate that the contract only stipulates that the home gym must receive a cancellation notice and once the home gym receive the notice that is the effective date of your cancellation, again use the companys words, they are the ones who set the policy.Sorry for the long winded note. I hope if you decide to cancel it is not this complicated. I have known too many people who have been taken advantage of by this company and so I used every step that I know to follow their rules to hold them accountable.Best of luck to you.

Review №6


If possible I would give them negative stars. I have been a member for 10+ years and had to cancel due to a move. After sending a certified letter they increased my fees and continued to debit my bank account. I then spoke to the regional manager who stated that no further debits would occur. Yet they debited my account again. Id also like to state that the manager of BSC Wellington has never returned a phone call despite me trying to reach her for over month. They have been deceitful and dishonest. It’s a disgrace and quite possibly the worst customer service I have experienced. It is absolutely shocking to me that this is how they treat someone who has been a member for over 10 years.

Review №7


Went to BSC in Peabody to clean out my locker and cancel my membership earlier. I had to speak with two people who made it very difficult to simply cancel my membership after I requested multiple times.I went to the locker room after cancelling my membership to retrieve the 2 pairs of cleats and gym shoes that I left in march when the gym abruptly closed but the entire locker room was cleaned out. Upon speaking to the manager he told me there was nothing he could do since there was no documentation of me every leaving my things in a locker.Very disappointed in TSI. Avoid at all costs.

Review №8


I cancelled my membership with in the grace period of 10 days, but the associate and team at Hicksville, Long Island claims that they don’t have a record of that. After constant, back and forth I finally spoke with associate at this location and she mentioned that a message has been passed to the Manager and it was concluded that going forward that is in May 2017, I will not be charged with any membership fees/dues. However, i was still being charged. To begin with, I didn’t want to join the club and just went for a visit to see the facility. However, the associates kept pushing on 19.99/month deal and said i can come back in 10 days to cancel and no fees will be charged. Also, the person who enrolled me didn’t even felt the need to show me the club.The customer service phone number listed here is for some membership group who handle NYSC account which is useless. Instead of calming me down on this issue the lady got frustrated and said I CANNOT DO ANYTHING. Well, If you cannot do anything that who can? They are running a fraud under $19.99/month membership. Poor customer service. Will never ever recommend this club to anyone.

Review №9


This place is a complete scam and is an example of a company that just doesnt know how to do the right thing and doesnt understand the value/ cost of having integrity. I have never had such horrible customer service from Management. I will just start by saying I do not have a signed contract with NYSC (Town Sports International), Ive never worked out there, and somehow they billed me over ~$1,000. I had one manager approve the refund (Very shady way - saying he had to do it in 3 installments over 3 months). But he apparently got fired. After over a month of trying to get the contact information for a decision maker, I get the Area Sales Manager and he is even worst. He is unresponsive, he sees that I do not have a contract and says that I need to have proof that I talked to the GM prior to 6/19. Why? I coudnt tell you but I definitely have a call log that says such. I sent it and he completely ignored it and wont respond to anything. This is absolutely mind blowing. Had they just done the right thing in the first place, I might have positive associations with their brand, refer them and even sign a contract when I was ready to sign up for a gym. Instead, they are forever corrupt, shady and a company that I will never set foot in and never recommendTimeline:I went into a NYSC in October 2017. I signed up for a 10 day trial and never even went. The Sales Manager made sure I knew that I wasnt signing up for an annual subscription by doing this. I didnt even sign a contract because I knew that I might be moving and that it might not be the best location.In January 2018- June, NYSC billed ~$1000. I noticed in June and immediately called. The Sales Manager had been promoted to GM, and he got on the phone and apologized and promised me a full refund. He said he would have to do it in three separate checks over 6-8 weeks and I agreed. In August, I still hadnt received a payment. I went back and forth for weeks, calling and going into the gym locations. I found out that the GM was fired. After another month of working with management that did not have the power to issue a refund, I finally was able to get the information for an area manager. The area manager is unresponsive. Although he removed the latest two months that were in collections, he refuses to help with the issue. He gave an arbitrary date of when I had to have had my conversation with the GM (which I provided a phone logs). Even though I resolved this with a manager of the club, the new manager wont provide me his managers number to get this resolved. Again, I dont have a contract with NYSC, I never used the service, and that is proof enough that they incorrectly billed me.

Review №10


Absolutely terrible, Lucille Roberts 135-39 38th Avenue Flushing, NY 11355.No wipes to clean machines before or after using them. Usually there are at least 3 stations or treadmills broken. It seems that management does not give a damn about the maintenance. Worst customer service and all services, they are not fixing or resolving problems. Basement AC unit broken for months, very danger situation on the floor because the wooden tiles are broken. I am very disappointed. All club members hear the same BS, ( were fixing it!!!). BASEMENT - Tuesday Zumba and Wednesday 6:30 large classes has had no AC since 5/19. Managers throw up their hands when asked when AC will be restored. Parts are being ordered, they have no control, etc. Meanwhile class after class is working out with 1space fan and evening temperatures of 95 degrees.

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