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Phone: +1 718-661-2626
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–6:30PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–6:30PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–6:30PM
  • Thursday:7AM–6:30PM
  • Friday:7AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday:7AM–6:30PM
  • Sunday:7AM–6:30PM
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Total reviews rating 3.1

23 Reviews for Tristar Plumbing Supply Inc. 2023:

Review №1


Very friendly and understanding staff. Though I messed up a piece I bought earlier, they were still willing to see about taking it back damaged or not. Unfortunately, I destroyed the piece.

Review №2


I purchased a bath tub and when I opened it the next day, the paint was peeled off. I didn’t even want to return it, just to exchange it for one that isn’t damaged. They refused to exchange the product and asked me “why didn’t you tell us when you bought it”—well of course I didn’t open it when I bought it because the box for a bathtub is enormous and was sealed so I couldn’t even open it! He said once you leave the store, they don’t care about you anymore and no exchanges and no returns even though it wasn’t written anywhere in the store!! Then, when I asked to speak to a manager, he refused to give me the manager’s name and said I could come back in 2 weeks to find them. I had a construction job that was in progress so of course I couldn’t wait two weeks to get a new bathtub! I had to resort to calling the police, who still couldn’t get them to grant me an exchange and encouraged me to file a suit in the small claims court.This is the worst store and customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life! They are breaking many consumer laws.No one should visit or buy anything from this store!!

Review №3


When you gonna come first time you will be lost,but then when start talk to Special sales name Alex you will be wonder how professional he is.Recommend very highly !!!!Tonn of boiler and pipe and fire sprinkler material here. Price very good.They also accept bisness check.I spend here a lot of money and also i save a lot

Review №4


Highly recommended for any plumbing related items/toolsi arrived with broken piece from a bathtub and they were able to identify and provide a replacement within the hourQuick service and affordable prices as well

Review №5


I have plumber friend shop there and feel good about it. when I go there, the price is much much higher. I confirm with my plumber friend again and talk to the front table lady again. she told me they had the price for more than 15 years. what a shame by discriminating same race people. we are all Chinese, why you treat us differently?

Review №6


Multiple workers in the front with vast knowledge of their products on hand and great recommendations when you are in need separates this from other local stores. Their prices are way cheaper than Home Depot across the street and inventory selection is more. Quick service especially in these times and able to accommodate multiple people at once.

Review №7


Very aggressive and rude guy in front of store. Mentioned that we couldn’t park in the lot of we didn’t go in, we understood the first time but he continued to argue and go on and basically yell at us for it. We planned to go in but after that encounter we Will definitely not. We even went to move our car and he continued to argue with me. Clearly he has to work on his customer service skills.

Review №8


Tried to returned a water pump which I got from them on last Saturday. The man with gray hair point at the first line of their store policy and said to me in Chinese The is mo return on all electronics.. Alright, first time I learn that water pump belong ro electronic category. I had to carry the big heavy box in and out of the store. What a shame! I filed a complain tonight, hope this will do some good , I did not argue with him but some ome else will

Review №9


They are very rude and mean , I don’t know why the boss hire them , they don’t accept returned , don’t waste your time come to this store ,

Review №10


Worst customer service experience. If zero stars was a rating, that would be what they would get. They cater to regulars and get angry at new customers when a regular who is not waiting in line jumps in front of you. When they are ready to help you, they wont bother checking and say we dont have it instead of looking in the backroom where the majority of the equipment is hidden from view.

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