U-Haul Moving & Storage of Jamaica in Jamaica

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  • Sunday:7AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 3.6

184 Reviews for U-Haul Moving & Storage of Jamaica 2023:

Review №1


The worst moving experience of my life. Everyone I spoke to at this location AND via the Uhaul national hotline was absurdly unprofessional, unhelpful, and inflexible. I spent so much money with them moving my stuff across the country only for them to REFUSE TO RELEASE MY OWN BOX TO ME. One woman I talked to repeatedly told me I dont know when I asked what the problem was or why they didnt follow through with my delivery and then told me that I might be a crazy person and that they couldnt release my own box to me for security reasons?? I have never had such a problem with any other businesses or customer service. Its an absolute joke. Do not bother hiring Uhaul for any job if you actually want to have access to your own personal belongings.PS: at the time of this review, three weeks after my Uhaul was loaded up, I STILL do not have my possessions. They are withholding my own property from me.

Review №2


Uhaul storage units is like a spare bedroom in your home. Convenient and secure access at your fingertip

Review №3


Despicable. I had a free month of storage from a previous move. I reserved a storage unit without stairs. When I got there, with two helpers who had 2 hours to help me, the unit was locked and they couldnt give it to me. So they gave me a smaller unit with stairs. By the time it was sorted, I had about 30 minutes left with my helpers. So they brought my things to the unit and I had to carry everything up the stairs by myself. Im small and had already packed the two cars by myself, so I was already exhausted. If the unit I had reserved was ready, my helpers would have helped move my stuff in easily within the 2 hours they were available.I also was not given a lock initially, but had paid for one. I thought the card he gave me was an electronic lock (like at hotels). I had asked the guy at the desk when I checked in if that was the lock, and he said yes. When I went back to get the new unit, I inquired about an actual lock after I noticed the units inside all had physical locks. And the big guy behind the counter was extremely rude, saying oh you had to take a lock. As if it was my fault that I didnt know I was supposed to take something, especially when he told me the card was a lock. Ive never used a storage unit before, so how am I supposed to know if nobody shows me?After I finished moving my things in the new smaller unit 2 hours later, the unit wouldnt close. I didnt want to leave my stuff unattended, but I ventured to a few call boxes to hopefully get help. I was exhausted and did not want to move my stuff again if this unit was broken. Nobody answered 3 of the call boxes I used. I even tried yelling for help 3 times to no answer. I then tried calling the store phone and it redirected me to the main call center, which had me on hold for almost an hour. I didnt see any cameras near my unit, so I didnt want to leave it wide open if I walked all the way to the store building. I sat on the dirty floor outside my unit while waiting.When I finally spoke with someone at the call center, they tried to contact the store as well. I tried a few more call boxes while on the phone. By then, it was about 15 minutes until the store closed, so I worried I would have to leave my things there in the open unit overnight. Eventually, someone answered a call box and closed my unit as he was closing the store.I spent almost a month trying to contact them to move my stuff to a unit without stairs. I already wasted time and money on helpers who couldnt help much because the unit I reserved was locked. I was told the store manager would contact me. She never did besides an email saying she received my complaint and had only a 3rd floor unit available (which I assume was the original unit I reserved that was locked). I replied to her email twice and never got a response. I requested a direct phone number so I could speak with them without going all the way over to the store. Such phone number does not exist.I was told by the main uhaul center that their marketing manager would contact me since the store manager wouldnt do anything. He never contacted me. A few days before rent was due on my unit, I got a phone number for a Brooklyn office in charge of this location. She extended my free month of storage another month. I only wanted the unit for 2 months anyway, so I figured Id move out before the 2 months ended and never deal with them again.I vacated the unit 2 days before rent was due. Technically I vacated it 3 days before, but I didnt leave the access card, so I came back the next day to avoid that $40 fee. At this point I had such a horrible experience with the location and staff that I felt they didnt deserve my money. The women told me I would receive a confirmation email that I was moved out. I didnt receive one by 5pm that day, so I did the online move out, too. A few days later, I received an email saying my rent was overdue and a late fee was added. I refused to pay for a unit I am not using plus a late fee, but couldnt contact the store. Please do not go here unless you love being treated like dirt.

Review №4


I booked a uhaul cargo van at 3am after homedepot had canceled my reservation at the last minute Friday night. Uhaul saved the day. I got to the facility at 8am(Saturday), the truck was clean and ready to go. The staff women behind the counter inside this particular facility was awesome, patient and polite. The rest of the process for picking up the cargo van was a breeze. The only part that bummed me out was the parking situation, you have to park your personal vehicle in a public street but that is minor. I was lucky enough to fine a spot right across from the uhaul facility. Overall the experience for picking up a reserved uhaul vehicle was fantastic. Great job guys. Ill definitely recommend Uhaul instead of homedepot for last minute reservations.

Review №5


Drove all the way from Brooklyn to this place to see the Ubox in person being as they advertise that you can get uboxes here you would THINK theyd atleast have a replica of the Ubox so we can see the dimensions! Drove all the way here to see the Ubox so I would have an idea of how many Id need for a cross country move and they had NO uboxes at all at this place they just handed me a brochure as if I couldnt look this stuff up online.I want to see what it is in person before I plunk down 5 thousand dollars on your website!

Review №6


Charged a $100 cleaning fee for truck cleaning and when I reached out to inquire about the charge as I have a video of the state the truck was left in johnathan sent me an unprofessional email stating foul oder is the cause for the charges.Mind you the truck was stale smelling at pick up as most of the trucks are.The only thing transported in the vehicle was clear chivari chairs.Email from johnathan started out “so the reason” and ended “next time follow the rules”LOL sis who are you speaking to.

Review №7


Bad customer service they don’t answer phone imagine someone as an emergency and need there help

Review №8


Loading area too small, parking sucks layout not good for bringing in big furniture. I was contacted by a manager saying to come in and check my unit because they saw water coming in from the unit next to mine. lt turned out that the unit next to mine had something leaking, but it didnt damage anything in my unit. In my unit I had two sofas and a dresser. The sofas had mouse droppings and urine stains on the cushions in the corners. I was totally disgusted. I guess they were staying warm for the winter? When I spoke to the on site manager he apologized for what happened and said if I wanted to discard the sofas just leave them in the unit and he would take care of it. I felt like he wouldve brushed them off and sold them. So I took them elsewhere. He gave me a number to a claims department and Im still waiting to get a settlement for a replacement or to say the least a professional cleaning

Review №9


The staff here is amazing. They literally go out there way to assist you with all you moving and storage needs. They are very nice, polite and beyond helpful. I give them two thumbs up and 10 more stars.

Review №10


Absolutely terrible service. When i cam to return the vehicle, i waited 30 minutes in the line. When i finally got to the front of the line, I was told I have to ho oitside and wait for a final receipt. I waited outside for a further 20 minutes, nobody came. I saw an employee driving a van and he said i can just leave the key with him and they will email the receipt to me. Why could nobody tell me that almost an hour before!!! Avoid this place like the plague

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