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Phone: +1 800-275-8777
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  • Monday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–1PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.3

67 Reviews for United States Postal Service 2023:

Review №1


The staff here has always been very helpful, and I have been using this location since the 1990s, so its a good long track record. Every so often they will get swamped, but usually theres either no line, or only one or two other patrons to wait through. The one thing that can take a while is if people are getting or renewing passports, otherwise transactions are usually quick and efficient.

Review №2


Wish if I could 0. Delivery man is a junk. Almost every other day he missed important deliveries! That delivery guy doesn’t deserve this kinda important job. Most of the time sees him talking in the phone!

Review №3


My packages were supposed to be here yesterday but then it said something about not being able to access delivery location. But amazon leave the order in front of my door. Delivery guys are not good.

Review №4


Quick and professional services provided.I went to handle my U.S passport and everything went smoothly.

Review №5


Can we please get Apple Pay? EVERYTIME I come I forget out of it being so conveniently close to my place. Then I have no cash and no card and my “convenience” is gone cause now I have to either go to the bank to take $20 out cause that’s just it OR go to another father location to get my stuff. When all I needed was this location to have Apple Pay!!!!Other than that, great service usually out within 15 min

Review №6


Ive been waiting on 2 packages for about a month. My packages were supposed to be here today but then it said something about not being able to access the front door. The snow has completely melted and theres nothing blocking the path to my front door. Im now trying to schedule for redelivery and it wont let me do that. This is some of the worst and laziest workers here!!!!!

Review №7


I wish I could give zero stars. Ever since I moved in this neighborhood we have had nothing but problems. First, one of the mail women has a personal vendetta against me and refuses to deliver my mail because we called the cops on our neighbor who happens to be her friend. She claims our driveway needs to be repaved or we will not get our mail - this was in the middle of winter btw. So that made absolutely no sense because it was covered with snow. Second, we have to rosy out safety by go up to the post office almost everyday to receive our mail. And just today I ordered a package and they’re refusing to deliver it to the house! I’m so frustrated that I will be taking some type of legal action because at this point I feel like I’m being discriminated against.

Review №8


Two times they havent delivered my package and kept it at the post office. Been calling for redelivery. Apparently doesnt work. And no one picks up the damn phone. Had me on hold for an hour still no one picked up.

Review №9


Often , and I mean often, Im led to believe a package has been left at my door . The tracking info, has been posted as (((delivered ))) but there isnt any packages when I arrive from work. I live in an apartment with a security door This seems to be a big problem with eBay buyers, because money is released to the seller with conformation of the delivery. This also leads to small claims court cases ... Because mail isnt something that should be taken lightly. Its a government job. And careless individual marking mail incorrectly shouldnt be handling such important jobs.... I dont like giving bad reviews because at the end of the day we are all human but! I also, like getting my mail on time and not at risk of losing money because of someone marking mail delivered when it hasnt been. Ive started recording all mail deliveries so there wont be any problems when I hold them accountable. Why cant the postal worker leave a confirmation receipt in the mail box ...? This would help ...Helpful?

Review №10


Im sure the people inside are great but these mail delivery people need to be retrained or something. I had a package scanned that it was delivered on Thursday. It just now showed up on Sat. This is the 3rd time that has happened. I also have a sign RIGHT ON MY MAILBOX saying please place all packages in back hallway. Do NOT leave on porch. Nope they still leave on porch or sometimes my back stairs. My grandfather was a carrier for most his life and he would flip hearing what it has become.

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