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Phone: +1 212-575-2525
Site: https://utsavny.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:12–3PM
  • Tuesday:12–3PM
  • Wednesday:12–3PM
  • Thursday:12–3PM
  • Friday:12–3PM
  • Saturday:12–3PM
  • Sunday:12–3PM
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for Utsav 2023:

Review №1


Food -5Ambience- 5Taste- 4Hospitality- 3The food tastes great.Just that there was a lot of waiting time if you need to ask for something else the staff isn’t available easily specially if you are seated towards the side windows none of the staff look towards you so that we can call them for anything needed, the Food was served poorly meaning for eg. the dal was kept on the table but the small bowl in which you are supposed to put it in to eat was not provided, the paratha is usually served with Achar and Raita anywhere in india, it’s a staple everywhere atleast the Achar, or pickle, we needed to call them separately to ask for it and calling them was a task on its on as they were not attentive towards the tables on far sides.Besides that the food was great.

Review №2


My partner and I went to this place for dinner. We ordered samosa, daal makhaani, garlic naan and rice and chicken starter. All the dishes were good except the chicken starter, my stomach got upset ( too much pepper or the chicken was not fresh). Their menu serves almost every Indian dish. They were out of Peshawari naan which was a setback since you get those at a few Indian restaurants. Overall a good dining place, reservation recommended.

Review №3


We went here for an early dinner. Was surprised to find the table. The restaurant is upstairs and have plenty of space and good ambiance. The waiter was kind enough to brew me a hot tea without milk to add my bourbon in it. The food is decent and reasonably priced. I liked the moong dal halwa but everything else was alright

Review №4


We just had a drink at the nice little bar downstairs (we were the only ones there).We requested to have the music turned down but the bartender wouldnt comply.Didnt go upstairs for dinner so no comment there.

Review №5


Good place and delicious Indian food, especially the briani and masalaThe stuff is okay and the price also

Review №6


Had a wonderful time at this restaurant! Lovely flavors and decent atmosphere. Our server was very friendly and helpful.I wish they had more options for dessert but the gajjar ka halwa was incredible!Highly reccomend the paneer bhurji, hakka noodles, and chilli chicken.

Review №7


We went at 10pm, totally tired and famished after a long walk in the Manhattan. Google search suggested Utsav and we were pleasantly surprised. The restaurant was packed. Amazing food and awesome service…our table waiter Robin, even after a long busy day served us with a pleasant smile and was very accommodating. My wife and i had a great and memorable dinner. Thank you Utsav 🙏🙏

Review №8


This place was really hard to find. Really bad location. Inside was nice. Dining room was upstairs. The menu is very limited as my sister couldn’t order her fav Indian dishes. They add an 18% tip to the check AND ask for an additional tip. I agree with someone else who wrote I should be able to tip according to the service, food, etc.. The food was pricey but obviously very fresh and seasoned well. We didn’t have to wait long for our food either. Food was good but I wouldn’t come back as it is too pricey and the 18% tip??

Review №9


The Ambiance and service were very good. I had the pleasure of having lunch with a long time customer of UTSAV. He shared his past experiences at the restaurant, the history and of the previous owners. It was a little challenging to find right off of the subway but nevertheless it was a pleasure and great food.

Review №10


Good north indian food with good service. Dal makhani was specifically good. The indo Chinese food is really good. Only place that matches the indo-chinese flavor.