Van Gogh Exhibit NYC The Immersive Experience in New York

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Phone: +1 213-277-2954
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.7

199 Reviews for Van Gogh Exhibit NYC The Immersive Experience 2023:

Review №1


This was the best exhibit Ive seen in years. Van Gogh was spectacular! The setting on the Hudson was beautiful. I was born and raised in Manhattan, but hadnt been downtown in 30 years. It was wonderful. Everyone should take advantage of the headsets for the immersive experience. Its well worth the $5. There is parking right there. Its not cheap, but so convenient!

Review №2


The Van Gogh exhibit was excellent. The way everything came together, the colors, the story, his vision, his dreams, and his struggles, were executed flawlessly. The VR activity and 3D visuals (of his room painting and others) transported me to another place and time.Adorable for an NYC date or hanging out with family and friends. It is fresh, and we had a lot of fun; I recommend it for kids, so much to learn and sweet activities like drawing almost at the end—no waiting in line. Bathrooms venue was nice and clean. Everything looked new and well-taken care off. A Must GO!

Review №3


Absolutely incredible! Get the VIP package. The VR is absolutely worth it. It was so amazing to see how Van Gogh was inspired by his outside environment to do beautiful paintings. It was really sad to read about his mental illness and that struggles he endured but it added power to his works of art.

Review №4


I love it …. My mom whom graduated as an art professor in her country dreams of paintings and artists. This was the best gift I had given her after being in this country for over 35 years she has been able to experience for the first time an exhibition but in a modern way … she taught me his story as we visualized his paintings station by station . We hope to go back so she can teach my 15 year old everything she knows and studied… we were truly happy

Review №5


This was like nothing else I have ever experienced. The exhibit was beautiful, calming and peaceful. The lights go down you pick a spot for you and your party and watch the show on the walls around you. You can social distance and they give you a huge sunflower when you enter the exhibit. There is also a gift shop when you exit so you can take a souvenir home. I would recommend seeing the beautiful paintings brought to life by this experience.

Review №6


We thought that we had purchased tickets to the WRONG Van Gogh Immersive because we ended at the other one at Pier 36 first. I tried to get my money back for this show but all they would do was offer a voucher, so we decided to go to this one anyway!! We are so very glad we did!!!! This Van Gogh Immersive is so educational and has much more to it!!! You get to really know the artist!! We got to BE Van Gogh’s, and the virtual reality section was incredible!!! We HIGHLY recommend this experience!

Review №7


Amazing display of the most breathtaking work. Easy to navigate exhibit. Most of it is interactive, Hi-tech throughout, with the opportunity to color your own “Van Gogh” and view it on the screen. Highly recommend the VIP package so you get the entire experience. Excellent compliance with Covid guidelines.

Review №8


I took my sister with me to visit this immersive exhibit and it was definitely a night to remember. We’re both creatives and enjoy art and to be able to learn more about Van Gogh’s background and be put into his “shoes” through his work was truly amazing. I was truly moved and enjoyed every bit of it. I would invite more people to attend while it’s still here!

Review №9


Excellent experience. Really well set up and super informative. Besides the rooms with displays of his artwork and information there’s an immersive experience. A large room with video against the walls and floor. Very cool. For a few more dollars you can do the virtual reality. It was well worth it. You make a reservation…I think they have times every 30 minutes. This keeps the crowd at a minimum. They check for proof of vaccine.

Review №10


Amazing. Theres no words to describe how incredible it was. Youre not able to look at art, but join the immersive experience and look at it in 3D not only with the main room, but also the virtual experience. Youre also able to learn about his life and take knowledge out of the experience