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Phone: +1 585-345-1060
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–7PM
  • Thursday:7AM–7PM
  • Friday:7AM–7PM
  • Saturday:7AM–7PM
  • Sunday:7AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 3.6

28 Reviews for Walmart Auto Care Centers 2023:

Review №1


The floors are so dirty. Seriously, do not look down whilst perusing their aisles. The staff watches you like hawks. I felt eyes on me everywhere. Probably could be a better place if someone would clean out the urinals every once in a while.

Review №2


When I first walked in the Auto Service Center, a man named Frankie was at the Counter and he Helped Me Right Away, He explained everything to Me about My Car and the Tires I needed and Why. He was Great & Friendly. He also got Me in immediately to Install the Tires on My Car. Took only 1 hour which went by very fast while I shopped. Very Pleasant Experience 😊

Review №3


Rude... can not understand the guy on the phone. Went in for tire appointment would not allow me to do 2 tires temporarily for financial reasons on my part. Insisted that I had to do all 4 now. I have a spare right now on the rear driver and wanted to do both rear til after Christmas. Walked out and went else where. Got it done no problem. I understand the wear and risk of doing so but also knew that it can be done.

Review №4


So, this starts out a bit rough. I showed up at opening time, which is 7am. I figured this would get me in and out quick, and it would be better than showing up at 6:15pm, when I get back from work.So, they didnt open the doors until 7:10, then they told me that it would take an hour to set up the shop, then do my oil change. I usually wouldnt mind waiting an hour, but this defeated the purpose of me getting in early, and would make me late for work. I took it for what it was, slightly irritated.The turnaround happened at 7:45 when the other gent working in the shop told me it was done. Further, he had gone through and checked on tire pressure and so on. I was pretty happy about that. He went above and beyond in half of the expected time. Further, when i was checking out, Id picked up new windshield wipers, and he said oh, we can put those on for you. I politely declined, but that gesture goes a long way.All in all, great experience. Usually is.

Review №5


I come in for a simple oil change and takes 2 hours and they still havent brought it in! Will never bring my car here again, desk guy smells like he forgot to wipe.

Review №6


I made appointment 2 days in advance for 2 new front tires. On day of appointment I drop the car off, checked in a few minutes early and go shopping. An hour later they call to inform me they didnt have the tires in stock so I take the next cheapest tire. A half hour after that they call to inform me the computer is down and cant do the tires. A few minutes later they call back and the computer is working. Another 35 minutes go by and its finally ready. I pay, get to the car and see they put the tires on the rear (both of my rears were only 5 months old)Worst. Service. Ever!

Review №7


First time in is my last time...I waited 2 hours for tires and they came out and told me my car was too rusty!! They are not inspection agents, they dont have that authority. My car was just inspected so it is definately road worthy!!!I have always stayed out of walmart because of what they stand for, now this experience has nailed the coffin shut!

Review №8


Absolutely amazing. 15 mins in and out oil change

Review №9


Tim and the team were fantastic. After getting a flat on I90 east on our way to Boston and being towed here, he was able to work us in within the hour and get us back on the road with a new snow tire. He made a rough travel situation bearable.

Review №10


I sat here for over 2 hours just to have tires put on my car, the person at the counter didnt even bother to warn me of the awful long wait, i understand first come first serve, but had I known it would take over 2 hours for my car to get in, I wouldnt have ever waited. Then when I look in and see my car on the lift with employees doing anything EXCEPT working, I get a little upset. Moral of the story is I will never bring my car back. You can get most things at Walmart, but I guess tire services should not be one of them.

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