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Phone: +1 518-783-4086
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

199 Reviews for Walmart Supercenter 2023:

Review №1


Like this Walmart well enough. They are blocking a fire exit, however. Makes me nervous to shop knowing the employees don’t understand the purpose of fire exits and the giant “do not block” sign. If this one is blocked, how many others are? Photo taken April 3, 2022

Review №2


Went with my brother to get him some deodorant and ran into a couple of people who I know, but hadnt seen for a long time. The Supercenter is cleaner than most and I cant say anything derogatory about the associates there because all of the ones that Ive had contact with were more helpful than some of the other stores Ive been in.

Review №3


Walmart online is simply the Best. I have tried every other online company that I can think of including wayfarer and other notables like that. Here is the market difference, the other stores charge the same or more and the quality is not as good nor is the simplicity of the item this is the best way to go I have purchased many many many many items from Walmart online and I never dreamed I would purchase anything from Walmart ever this is nirvana take my cue and go for it check out Walmart online you will not be disappointed do searches on anything! A+ plus

Review №4


What a jail. This must be a very dangerous and criminal neighborhood and community. Almost every department had locks or locked glass doors on shelves. Electronics, hardware, automotive, sporting goods, office supplies. It says a lot about the clientele. employees to be found if you do want to delay your shopping waiting for assistance and a key.

Review №5


Did people who work here are very helpful especially in the pharmacy department where you get the vitamins in the skincare and all that they were very helpful and theyre actually people I can actually find here at this Walmart in Latham it was amazing. As for the parking lot here we go again you need to mark your aisles to park with lettering or something or numbers. People who Park their cars forget what they Park them theyre all over looking for their car thats ridiculous

Review №6


Annoying, Annoying, Annoying is the only real way to describe it. Half of the things you need are locked up and finding and employee to open stuff is almost impossible. The one that has the key is guaranteed to be absolutely miserable. They then expect you to check yourself out and then stand in another line to check your receipt. Save yourself a stress headache and shop elsewhere. The $2.73 you save isnt worth your time, your peace or sanity.

Review №7


We go here for many of our necessities, I’ve noticed a decline in staff and staff that are knowledgeable enough to help you. Mostly a clean store. Some employees are just standing, wandering around or on their phones.The photo center does have friendly, helpful staff, they will take care of your photo needs in a timely manner.

Review №8


This store super busy and hardly ever has an employee operated check out open, forcing people to check themselves out that really should not be doing so. No express lanes, no Walmart + lanes to use scan and go to avoid the long lines. If there is a different Walmart within a reasonable distance, I highly recommend going there!Ps- sooo much of the store is behind locked cases now and a lot of times it’s a nightmare to get the simplest items bc no one can find an employee with keys, and half the employees won’t even help you to find someone

Review №9


I went in the Latham, NY Supercenter early, around 7am (May 3rd, 2022). I was looking for a specific cut of meat. It wasnt out,but there was a nice young man named Mitchell who approached me and asked if I needed assistance. He heard me out and left to check for what I needed. He returned a few minutes later with several packs of meat for me to choose from. He was clean and neat in appearance,friendly and incredibly nice. He even apologized for the meat not already being out. Now, you may be thinking, Ok, thats his job, but I assure you that Ive had ill experiences in other stores with employees that seem to avoid customers who look lost and are in need of assistance, especially so early in the morning when they seem to be annoyed to have to be at work. Thank you, Mitchell...youre awesome!

Review №10


Absolutely ridiculous to lock an entire aisle of makeup wipes and facial cleaners. I shouldnt have to hunt down an employee for 3$ worth of a generic product. The other walmarts dont do this. There are cameras everywhere. This is over the top and frustrating to customers and staff.

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