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Phone: +1 315-736-4932
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
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Total reviews rating 3.8

199 Reviews for Walmart Supercenter 2023:

Review №1


We went to the deli section to get some good ole fashion bbq chicken, potato wedges and Mac n cheese. We were greeted by 2 men and a women who apparently dont appreciate having a job. When asked if they were still doing lunches because there was visually nothing in the case, they responded with well we have corn left.. yet they had an entire tray of steaming bbq chicken sitting on the counter behind them. When asked about the chicken behind them they all laughed. The women said well we can give them some so we still have lunch. So serving themselves is more important than serving the customer? This is asinine. Having a family member who literally managed the deli for 10 years, Im appalled by their conduct. Im genuinely hoping these people are terminated so someone more deserving can have a job. Best of luck..

Review №2


Its a beautiful store. Im just not happy with the fact that Walmart wants you to scan your own groceries. Theres never anybody there to help you and yet when youre on your way out they want to see your receipt if but trust me to check out my own stuff. They should trust that Ive done so

Review №3


I recently moved to the New Hartford area 1 week ago, but Ive lived in New York my entire life. There are 2 major things that come to my mind when I think of this Walmart. Clean and well stocked. The first time I walked in to this Walmart it hit me. Wow. This place is clean compared to the other Walmart Ive been to recently. As I walked around with my kids, getting some groceries, clothes and other things, it then came to me that the shelves were actually stocked with everything in every department. I was speechless. So far my expectations have been surpassed and I couldnt be happier. 5 stars.

Review №4


I want to just take a second and thank Dan from the NewHartford Walmart electronics department for helping me on Sunday morning.

Review №5


Ridiculous!!!!1 register open and easily 10 -15 people in line.Unless you choose to check yourself out that it!!!Its sad that the biggest retailer in the city can only have 1 register open!!But I can go to any other retailer in town and they would have 4-5 registers open and they probably do a quarter of the business.Thats why more and more i choose to take my money to a place that might be more expensive but at least can staff their store with employees!!!!

Review №6


Being a senior I find I need an electric cart. When I couldnt locate one anythere,you can understand my dissapointment to see young kids driving three of them.what was the greater doing? Shouldnt someone be watching who uses a handicap item? Because of that I only purchased very very little. However Im sure those kids spent a fortune. Sorry but that is how shopping was for me today at walmart.

Review №7


I was very pleased in my shopping experience, they actually had what I wanted ❤ 😀. I got a 43 inch LG webos smart TV 📺. Two employees helped me search for it, and there it was.

Review №8


Oh god… this place is a HOLE! I avoid going to this location as much as possible, and tonight I remembered why. The store was absolutely filthy. The selves have clearly been neglected for a while and the service was a joke. At one point my husband asked a employee if he could direct us to the rice. He just kept walking. We thought he was taking was to the isle, but nope! He was just walking. We couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Come on people, DO BETTER!

Review №9


Full disclosure. I once worked for Walmart for three torturous years. The job it self was cool and the store manager was cool. But, almost, all of the management under him were mean, sneaky and treacherous. So Walmart will have a hard time getting a good review for me.Having said that, the store itself seems clean and the associates that I spoke with were friendly and helpful. The store, after what Ive been hearing on the news, was surprisingly well stocked. But the fact that cashiers there are very difficult to find and they no longer have bags of any sort I was aggravated upon my departure.Luckily for me I didnt purchase much and i happened to have had one of my backpacks with me, Hvala bogu.

Review №10


Have had lots of great experiences here and definitely lots of polite employees shop here on a regular basis!! There is an employee which is the door person if thats what u call them 😆 whom is very very polite and very welcoming Thank you lots!

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