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149 Reviews for Wayside Auto Body 2023:

Review №1


I wouldnt know. They parked it on the street , corner mind you; to repair a rear bumper and back up sensor. That was a month ago. Now a month later these are new hits and scratches sustained at that very same corner it was parked a month age. See following pics.In addition my car has to be busted to start a 6000 mile vehicle. Oh , now I need a new battery.

Review №2


After an accident I had at the end of July, I found a family owned and operated Wayside Auto Body. It was the most painless process ever. I attached the accident photos and the repairs. The work was quick and flawless and I highly recommend their services. The family and staff are all friendly and beautiful people and I appreciate the time, patience and hard work they did.

Review №3


Please read carefullyI selected this body shop from the list provided by my insurance company.I took few mins to read reviews and since the accident occurred before a holiday weekend, I chose this location due to drop availability as well.Overall I am pleased with the the repair to the damage area of my car looks well done.Tracey is the person that I interacted with in the office on both occasions for pick up and she was absolute pleasure, great customer service and very welcoming.With that said the only issues that I encountered was that upon my initial pick up, there were new scratches on the new paint job in areas of my driver door that appeared to have been missed or overlooked during quality control inspection. The quality control manager was in the office at the time of pick up and he was able to review everything with me. He was very apologetic and seem sincere: promise to have it rectified in a timely manner.The other issue was that the items like Jack and other small items for removal of my wheel was simply “ thrown” into my truck, however I didn’t make this an issue.I received a call back after 2 business days that my vehicle was ready for pick up.Upon my return I was very satisfied with the issues that was found which were fixed as promised. However when I got into my vehicle to leave my gas tank was completely on “E” . Now I dropped it off 3 weeks ago 5/24/2022, with a quarter tank of gas & base on the mileage at the time of drop off(dash photo) only 8 miles was on it I’m surprised that mytank was on E for a vehicle that should not wasn’t driven.Typically I could drive about 20 miles on a quarter tank with my vehicle, to me was strangest thing yet.I would of given them 5.0 stars had it not been for the missed quality control issues & that my vehicle was left on “E”. But still would recommend them, just to remind everyone to take detail photos prior to drop off and pay attention to the condition of your car inside and out prior to drop off.

Review №4


I was a loyal customer. I first used Wayside when it was run by the original owner (father). I had even referred friends and family members to garage. The garage has now been taken over by his children and the quality of work is slow and poor. It took over 7 business days for my car to be fixed. I was told it would take 4 days. I picked up my care and at first it looks good but after a few weeks the paint it chipping in large pieces and my bumper that was replaced is beginning to detach from my car. I will never return and I recommend you do not use this garage.

Review №5


Terrible!!!My vehicle was vandalized back in May ‘22 so Geico suggested this location. Geico informed me to go directly to them that day and assured me they already had all of my claim info on file and were awaiting my arrival.Upon entering this establishment, the blonde lady at the front desk immediately told me “you cannot stay here” - without taking any time to first verify that I’m listed in their system. I repeated, Geico sent me. A gentleman sitting at another desk overheard the conversation and felt a need to intervene, stated my name and said my claim info was indeed listed in their system. This lack of organization and poor customer service, especially after having to deal with your car being vandalized, should had been my queue to leave but I decided to give them the benefit of doubt.Within several days, I received a call from Wayside that my car was done and ready to be picked up. I returned the rental at Enterprise and came to Wayside to retrieve my vehicle - only to realize the work was only 40% executed and of what was done, poor quality. The glove compartment (which initially only had scratches due to being vandalized) was now replaced with a glove compartment that could barely open! One of the repair guys (a tall man seeming to be of middle eastern origin) stated, well Geico only pays them to replace the part and it is not their issue if it doesn’t work properly. I should take it up with Geico! Huh? I am pretty sure what Geico meant is to replace a working part, not install it just to be worse off than it was prior to replacement! Doesn’t take a genius… So, the job was incomplete and what was completed was done improperly and worse off than I had originally brought it in as.Wayside held my vehicle for another day to “fix” their error (or poor workmanship) and complete the job as originally assigned. I thought this nightmare had finally ended.Fast forward to present, August ‘22… someone who had no idea my vehicle was vandalized nor repaired, sits in the passenger seat of my car (where the window was replaced by Wayside) and notices a strange sound each time she closes the door. We test out the sound a couple of times, same. I then compare it to the sound made by the driver’s door upon opening and closing it - it is definitely a strange sound coming from the passenger door where the window was replaced (which doesn’t exist on the driver’s side). Lo and behold, the window replaced by Wayside wobbles within the frame each time the door opens/ closes and is not fitted/secured properly!It baffles me that an “auto body shop” is unable to do such basic work, such as replace a glove compartment (that works properly) and a window (that doesn’t wobble within the frame and sound as though it can fall out with pressure at any given time, especially with winter around the corner). How do they even handle the more complex jobs? This is scary.I should have left the minute I was poorly received at the front desk on Day 1. This auto shop is sloppy, negligent and does poor work... all of the things you wouldn’t want your vehicle of all things, exposed to. A customer needs to know their vehicle is in capable hands before they hit the road with it! Wayside does rush jobs, incomplete jobs, and poor jobs. It is more quantity (especially in light of insurance money) than it is quality, with Wayside.I am now onto my third attempt to get my vehicle fixed properly with this very basic job but will definitely not be returning to Wayside this time around. What an inconvenience.Terrible, terrible, terrible…Utilize at your own risk!

Review №6


They did say a great job, Like nothing ever happened, great job, Wayside Auto is the Best!!!

Review №7


If you got into a collision and geico gives u the option to bring ur car to this collision center! DONT!! The workers that assist ther are beyond rude and dismissive. And Chris Weissbach who is the Damage Adjuster with GEICO is beyond unprofessional. And will do the very least to not repair ur car and blame it on u. I brought my car here because they have appointment date for the next day, while other places had a week wait, now I know why they were so available…. Because of their horrible work. Go elsewhere but this 1 star repair center.

Review №8


The management were nice and helpful…They do a great job with body repairs and I have no complaint about this company. However….Let’s hope you have an alternative insurance to geico.The Geico representatives will try to act like fake detectives and conduct goofy interrogation tactics. They Geico people will do their best to get the least amount of work done on your vehicle.Thank goodness I got my car fixed elsewhere.

Review №9


No doubt, Ill recommend Wayside Auto Body for outer vehicle repairs, they are straightforward and do quality work. I was really impressed with their customer service and they seemed amicable, the owner is a cool guy.10/10

Review №10


I went to Wayside Autobody to get my catalytic converter replaced. I was told my deductible was going to be$500 and it was $598. Because they had to replace the muffler and exhaust pipe, but that was not true, because I had a picture of the old one. I took the picture when I first realized my catalytic converter was missing. Wayside Autobody ripped me off and my insurance company. I will tell all the people I know never to use Wayside Autobody, because they are like other auto repair places. They Ripped people off like the same guys who ripped my catalytic converter off, just like them no Good...

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