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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Webster Hall 2023:

Review №1


The staff were amazing, efficient, friendly, and organized (except for the mass exodus when the concert was over, when directions were a bit unclear, but I think signage would help with that) Our event was a Kpop concert, so the stage was just big enough to accommodate the group and their backup dancers, and the lights and sound were great. But the stage was a bit too low to clearly see all of the choreography past the heads of the people in front of us during a standing room only event. Its a small space, not surprising since it is a concert hall wedged into the East Village, but they managed it well and there seemed to be good access for folks with disabilities. The lineup outside waiting to get into the building was well managed but ended up wrapping almost entirely around the block, which put us somewhat in the way of NYU students and other pedestrians just making their way downtown. People were pretty chill, and some of them asked what we were in line for, but it did feel like we were a bit in the way. Again, just an unavoidable consequence of the tight quarters of the 11th street block. Overall a great experience, even though standing room is not the most comfortable for an entire show. It would have been nice if the venues website had indicated it was SRO so we would know what to expect ahead of time. All I could find was information about the capacity for SRO versus seated, but nothing that specified which it would be for this particular event. The restoration is beautiful, and the giant disco ball was a good time :) The balcony was used only for a small number of attendees, and I couldnt tell if that was a separate ticket purchase or an accommodation for folks with conditions that prevent them from standing in a large crowd.

Review №2


Very nice, small, and intimate setting for live bands. I would prefer if there were a limit with alcohol purchase. I had to stand on a sticky floor due to people carelessly spilling drinks.

Review №3


This has become one of my favorite concert venues. Now that it’s been renovated, it feels spacious and I have felt incredibly safe during the past two concerts here — one I watched from the balcony (some security guys say you can’t go up there but it’s clearly not true especially when it gets full of fans) and the front row against the barrier. Security is efficient and the line moves quickly. Floors are sticky as always, but the new bathrooms are much better. Unfortunately, you can still expect to pay $15 for a big $6 can of hard cider like at any concert venue. Fortunately, the tickets are usually such a good deal it doesn’t matter.

Review №4


The sound quality at the Andy shauf show I attended was out of this world. 1000% amazing. Props to the sound guy! I really like the spaciousness of this venue. Easy to get drinks, small enough to always have a good spot to see the stage. Can’t wait to come back, I loved this spot a lot.

Review №5


Went to see Cordae a few weeks ago. Was amazing show his stage presence was top notch. I have not been to Webster hall in a long long time. The changes are insane. Everything is much larger. Only complaint I have is security cutting off a whole hallway 1/2 through the show.

Review №6


First concert here, it is your average small/medium size venue/concert hall we got to see Roosevelt, it sounded amazing, whether is the on site sound engineer that truly knows his stuff of the one that they brought. Good acoustics and not hard to get to.

Review №7


Crying and sobbing and rolling on the floor rn cause this experience was everything,, the venue was nice but imo as long as you enjoy the artist thats performing, it wont matter 🏃‍♀️thank u umi

Review №8


I love seeing shows here! This venue is on the smaller side so you’re able to get a great view.

Review №9


Really nice place to witness concert, cool ambient, nice quality sound. The only thing is that drinks are really expensive, 15 dollars is too much for a beer.

Review №10


Love this venue. Intimate and in assuming. Had an amazing time for the band I attend a show of