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Phone: +1 201-431-7291
Site: http://yosekastationery.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:1–7PM
  • Thursday:1–7PM
  • Friday:1–7PM
  • Saturday:1–7PM
  • Sunday:1–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.9

122 Reviews for Yoseka Stationery 2023:

Review №1


I love to collect notebooks, pens and stickers…etc and stationary stores were one of my favorites go-to spots after school when I was a child. I haven’t visited one in a while and was so excited to know Yoseka Stationery opened up in Greenpoint.Their product lineup was in a great variety with great quality and reasonable price. My favorite products were the elegant and classic pens. I love to practice writing when I feel stressed, so a good pen makes me feel satisfied and relaxed.

Review №2


Im super excited to share that today I finally had the chance to visit this lovely stationary store! Ive planned it over a few days, in advance ⏤ thats how excited I am.The staff is amazingly patient and friendly, the prices are great, and the entire shopping experience is simply pleasant and fun.I love all things paper, and thats why Yoseka is the perfect place for me to spend as much time as I can, just adoring their very wide range of stationary goods. I honestly cant wait to drop by once again.A warm recommendation: check out Yosekas YouTube channel. Their Casually Catching Up clips really warmed my heart, plus their Travelers notebook tutorial really helped me setting up my own Travelers.Good luck!

Review №3


Yoseka is my favorite store on the planet and I don’t even live in New York right now. They include hand written notes on the orders I received and always have the cutest things in stock. It honestly played a huge part to get me through the pandemic to have some cute stationary. Here are some photos of my journal which uses things I got from yosekaUpdated with pictures from my in person visit! The staff was so kind and patient. I felt very welcome to explore at my own pace and not pressured to buy anything

Review №4


Ive been to a fair share of stationary stores and I can safely say that this is my favorite one!Its not a huge store but they have a great selection of pens, inks, journals, decorative washi tape and more. Even better, they have a huge amount of tester pens, including pricier Sailor, Pilot, Platinum and Lamy pens that other stores hide behind a glass display.The service is phenomenal as well. I asked for some ink recommendations and the salesperson took the time to go through what type of ink I like and picked out several different bottles for me to try swatching.Definitely recommended!

Review №5


I finally got to visit Yoseka Stationery after a few years of only ordering online; it didnt dissapoint. I ended up buying wayy too much but it was reasonably priced and I got lots of assistance while shopping.

Review №6


Id you love card catalogs, the smell of new paper, leather bound travel journals or just want to indulge your fantasy of being a person with a serious calligraphy hobby, Yoseka is your spot. Super friendly staff and a really neat interior.

Review №7


Amazing store with a warm inviting atmosphere. I visited the Greenpoint location and I was given a few minutes to browse before ever being politely asked if I needed help and to feel free to browse, ask questions or try the pens on their center writing table/display section. The ambiance is amazing and the ability to hold and use pens is immeasurably helpful for future purchases. With writing preferences being so personalized it was great to have virtual free sample use of their catalog. Staff even went to back storage to get me to try a Soft Fine nib and a falcon nib for me to better choose. Ill definitely make all of my Japanese fountain pen purchases through them.

Review №8


Its such a lovely store and the staff was nice as well. You get to test out pens and they had a variety of stationery. There were a lot of people in the store however (possibly because I went during the weekend?) so I didnt browse the store much but hopefully Ill be able to next time.

Review №9


They were once a smaller shop in Sunnyside, Queens 👑. I bought my very first adult fountain pen there. I made an upgrade purchase when visiting the newly established Greenpoint locale. I still 💕💕💕 Yoseka. Great selection of paper goods, pens and inks! Never leave empty handed and always deviate from my list. The service is amazing and the staff really knows their stuff!! Top three of my Best stationery stores in the USA!

Review №10


You got to come here! Lets just say it is like stepping in a different world. It kind of reminded me of Studio Ghibli.I never have had a fountain pen or been in a stationary story. As a brand new person coming in I felt so welcome. The staff was amazing and I felt i was been taken care of. I was been helped and explain what the specific brand I was advised to go with as a starter Fountain Pen [TWSBI].The have a loyal customer. Im so happy I took a chance in Yoseka Stationery. You should as well, you wont regret it. ^_^

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