NYC Doggies
594 Broadway Suite 701, New York, NY 10012, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Dog trainer

... ! We have two dogs that are very active and we travel often. NYC Doggies does our walks every week. They are very reliable and I love the reports we get ;) ... such a nice ease knowing your pups are in good hands! Our pups are happy campers with NYC Doggies!
5 (12)
La Casa del Mofongo & ...
546 W 207th St, New York, NY 10034, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Restaurant

HORRIBLE SERVICE !!! there was hookah everywhere while there were children in the restaurant we waited an hour for our food to come and it was raw ! We were offered to smoke hookah with our children present worst restaurant and disrespectful place in NYC !
3.9 (1840)
224 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Italian restaurant

... Avocado Salad (very healthy for NYC i know)Amazing. Everything cooked to perfection. Fantastic portion sizes. Definitely a memorable dinner to leave a whirlwind 3 days trip in New York.Would definitely recommend it.#TheFoodMusketeer#TheFoodMusketeerEats ...
4.3 (371)
North Miznon
161 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Vegetarian restaurant

... noise). Had a “fun” dinner there but there wasn’t any pita bread (they made the best pita bread in nyc, why get away from that?)— in lieu of sourdough and white bread. For my Tahina. That’s when you know ...
4.1 (403)
Bella Abzug Park
542 W 36th St., New York, NY 10018, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Park

... NYC. You come out of the subway to ... a very modern designed space. One can enjoy the breeze coming off of the Hudson. Nice high end shopping and food possibilities. Walk the end of the Highline or climb the Vessel...its just not a traditional New York ...
4.6 (4131)
The Morgan Library & M...
225 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Tourist attraction

... and 36 street. This is a very nice and elegant part of New York City. The inside and out of the building are very well kept and it’s an important NYC landmark and organization. I would recommend visiting this great museum and ...
4.7 (3609)
Shop Fair Supermarkets
113 New Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Supermarket

I saw that video. It was suspicion! Look at what are known as Security Cameras to see if they did it. Lucky Im not in NYC, because I wouldve went to the store, and caused massive distruction!!! Bring it on! I dare you!!!!!
3.6 (405)
Bay Eden Neighborhood ...
1220 E 229th St, The Bronx, NY 10466, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Senior citizen center

Another prudent community in The Bronx, NYC.
4.7 (200)
Buddha Asian Bistro
55 Hamilton St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Bar

... rivertowns is, in my opinion, uniformly disappointing, barely touching the quality of your basic, cheap NYC corner store. But Buddha is better than our fave NYC spot, making this the tastiest joint Ive unwrapped a pair chopsticks in in a few years.
4.3 (376)
Mirabelle Restaurant &...
150 Main St, Stony Brook, NY 11790, United States

Nyc to mde ◄ Restaurant

Finest French restaurant on long island and certainly ranks in top ten French kitchens in NYC. A gem. Save some Ginger Almond Tart for me for each trip there.
4.3 (378)